Sports have become an integral part of our society. Sporting events have played pivotal roles in communities around the world throughout the history. Being a part of society, every person, whether he is interested in sports or not, is impacted by sports
Sports form an important part of kids life. They consume their free time so that they could prevent themselves from getting into any trouble. Moreover, the sports teach them lessons that are used for whole life like discipline, sportsmanship, leadership, team bonding and many more. Some adults also give some time from their busy schedules to their favourite sport in order to stay fit and healthy and also to enjoy their favourite sport.
Even if there is a person who doesn’t like to play any sport, his life is also affected by the sports. This means that if groundbreaking things happen in sports, there will directly be noticeable consequences in everyday life. If we talk about long term effects, Heysel tragedy is a good example in which a number of people were crushed against the fences while watching a football match. This has led to the prohibition of standing places in football stadiums.
I think it is a good example of how sports influences our lives both directly and indirectly. There are many more ways in which they may effect us. I have just focussed on one aspect.


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