I was a kid, I was always inquisitive in nature about my surroundings.
Especially gadgets ranging from a console video game to a cellular mobile
phone. I also was very fond of numbers which helped me bag 94% in Mathematics
during high school. My zeal for mathematics and
electronics helped me opt Engineering with Electronics & Telecommunication
as my undergraduate majors. I chose to contribute towards Robotics workshops
organized in the college and was later on made responsible to organize
‘SOLDER-ON-WAR’ – a key event in Robotics for inter-engineering students. In 2015, I earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Pune with distinction
of 67% in my graduation.

Post-graduation, I sought to gain practical experience to gets hands on
the latest technologies used worldwide hence underwent Cisco Certified Network
Associate (CCNA) training. Seeing my thrust towards electronics field, I was
hired by Sungard Availabilty Services as an Associate Engineer in Networking. Working in
Sungard, I endured much training and was for custom IT services across enterprise
cloud, cloud recovery, managed data center, collocation, disaster recovery, and
application management. I learned to communicate effectively with customers and I
applied my technical and professional knowledge to earn their trust. I was
acquainted to risk management & gained expertise in operating different
networking devices & technologies as required by the customers’ individual
proclivities. Due to my hard-work and consistent performance throughout the
year, I was promoted as an Engineer.

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                My future career objective is to become
a financial analyst who can analyze financial statements and develop a deep
understanding of Finance. I choose Finance because this sector has no end and
it is ought to grow with the booming economies of the world. I wish to witness
this growth by being a part of the system and grow with it. I hope to gain
practical corporate experience in areas such as investment analysis, financial
planning, strategic finance, international finance and global financial markets,
I see myself as a person who has both the theoretical and practical expertise
in Finance industry post 3-5 years working in the industry.

long-term goal is to acquire a position as investment banking associate or
financial associate. Equipped with the technical expertise and professional
skills learned in your university, pursuing MBA will prepare me for the
challenges that I will encounter. In my career, I hope to not only work to
avoid future financial collapses, but also to help institutions use their
resources to the greatest advantage. I am confident that I am well-prepared to
meet the demands of your program, and I greatly appreciate your consideration.


desire to pursue MBA in Finance from Singapore as it is center for many leading
financial experts and institutes in the world. The knowledge and expertise
available in your university will provide me with a wide exposure prove to be a
learning curve in my career. I am excited to test myself in such an esteemed
institute of yours and learn from renowned professors, while interacting with equally
ambitious and motivated classmates.


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