1. Establish a clear line of communication between managers and employees to allow for a more productive workplace.
2. Revise the hiring and recruitment process in the branch to create a clear understanding of the purpose of having an employee, and allowing the managers to use them based on their skill sets.
3. Create a clearer procedural structure and requirements in future approvals of new clients and contracts, to be able to assure the capabilities of the overall company. To be able to provide a better quality product and not just pump out a higher quantity for the Roanoke branch and for the Phoenix Advertising company entirely.
4. Employees’ accomplishments should be acknowledged, while errors or failures in meeting targets should be promptly addressed.
5. Reduce the overall workload of our full-time employees by adding on more part-time workers to assist them especially during peak seasons.

The type of illustration I would use to represent the numbers related to the causes or impacts of the problems at the Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising is the line graph.
After applying the data gathered from the investigation carried out at the Roanoke branch to a line graph, you can clearly see where the rates begin to decline before the investigation and where it gradually begins to improve after the necessary changes were made. All of the findings can be compared over the same period of time in a clear and concise manner.

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