Social Psychology
Symbolic Interactionism: (BOOK) An individual person can have an influence on society. (NOTES)Symbolic interactionism includes three principles of how we create meaning known as the social construction of reality. Things such as learning how to ride a bike, not being married but wear a ring to avoid being pursued. Personal Ex. Each day that I work as a Patient Care Technician at a hospital, I tend to put myself in my patients’ shoes when it comes to their care. I treat my patients, how I would want someone to treat me or a family member as a patient, with respect and good care.

Social Structure and Personality: (NOTES) the center of attention is on the connections being made of a large group and the individual. Three main principles make up this perspective. First component principles have to do with status, roles, and social networks. Status having to do with the status as a student. Roles. Social Networks having to do with staying connected to others. Second Principle is proximity principle, where most of society’s influence from institutions like work and family. Third, the psychology principle, has to do with how we look at things. Personal Ex. I graduated from a Women’s mentoring group in 2011, and I still stay in contact with a good friend. When I need helpful information or need a favor, she is always a person I can count on.

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Group Processes Perspective: Everyday we speak to more than one person, whether it’s at school, work or with family. Making a difference in a person’s life by having a sense of authority, or position over them. There are different types of groups Primary having to do with the people we spend more time with. Secondary is more of a formal group and Third; a Reference Group such as classmates. Personal Ex. My position in my home is to remain a responsible and positive role model after the loss of our father this past month. Now I feel that I must have the power as a parent to continue to pursue and teach them the way my father would continue to do. My actions now may lead to the influence that I have on my younger siblings.


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