Social media has become more and more evolved and popular since first established, but using social media can actually be harmful to both yourself or someone else. Social media is something most kids, teens, and even some adults are using all the time. It has become a part of our generation’s lives. Having people on their phones and social media all day long is unhealthy and is causing serious damage to people’s minds and self esteem. Instead of talking to someone face-to-face and hanging out, people prefer just texting or going on a social network. For some people living a life without social media is near impossible. Using social media can mean developing a mental health issue, or can lead to cyberbullying and a loss of privacy, addiction and…

Anxiety, depression and stress are the three main mental health issues that people develop while using the social media apps. many people using social media develop mental health issues through comma poor sleep from constantly being on social media, fear of missing out, and worst of all develop all three mental health issues through being cyber bullied. many victims of being bullied develop depression which puts their mind into a bad place. Statistics show that 40% of online adults have experienced online harassment which leads to anxiety, depression and stress, 73% have a lease witnessed it before. and that’s just adults. the rate of anxiety and depression in young people have risen 70% in the past 25 years due to the fact that social media is becoming more and more developed and popular, especially for teenagers like ourselves. unfortunately 1 in 5 teenagers admitted to feeling worse about their own life as a result of what they see on social media. social media sometimes puts you in a difficult and tough situation such as being cyber bullied. I think that being psychologically resilient is important when it comes to ignoring the bullying crisis, or even just being resilient is important because it helps you to recover from the difficulties more rapidly without dwelling and being depressed or anxious. studies prove their spending less time on social media improve your mental health.

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There are many many reasons why people use social media, I personally think that at least half of the reasons are negative and can affect you or someone else. Personally I think the main reason is cyber bullying. Social media makes bullying easier for those who are afraid to actually bully someone face to face. A bully can simply sit behind their electronic screen and intrude on other people’s lives without having to even having to interact with the victim. Having a social media account means a loss of privacy. You might think it’s private but nothing is really private, everytime you post you were giving away all your personal information which makes it easier for weirdo creeps online to find you. Another negative reason is the upkeep of social media with it being all about competing with others for the most likes or the best picture, I personally think this is more the case for females. In order to obtain these likes people post things that are controversial and viewed as ‘cool’ in the eyes of friends. It is said to be that 87% of today’s youth have Witnessed cyberbullying, study also shows that more than 7 out of 10 teens or children felt that bullying negatively impacted their social lives. Most of the bullying is now done behind a computer screen with their very rarely being bullies that bully someone to their face. Social media has clearly made bullying a whole lot easier. On social media, privacy is no longer a personal choice, with it being so easy for someone to stalk you or even send you a scam that basically enables someone to have access to your account. You might think you’re posting something to your 200 Facebook friends but then suddenly your friends are liking and sharing the post to their 200 friends and it keeps going until all of a sudden thousands of people have viewed you’re single post that you once thought was private. Social media provides interlopers with an easy option to harass someone as well as making it easy for people to get a hold of your personal information. The solution to keep yourself private is to restrict what you post and who you accept as a friend. If things are seriously bad, remove yourself from any social media so that people have no way to cyber bully you. I would personally find it very difficult to ignore social media.

Social media addiction is a common problem for teens these days, with the main addiction apps being well known, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. being a social media and it relates back to mental health with the fact that teenagers who spend more than 2 hours a day on social media reported high depression anxiety rates as well as having suicidal thoughts. Although in saying that the team could go on social media to kill time due to the fact that he or she is depressed or even lonely or bored. I think teens are addicted to social media simply don’t know how to properly socialize with other people in real life. I hate that being a social media and it is so extreme due to the negative impact it can have on someone’s life, such as the relationships, academics, mental health and physical health. One of the main reasons a teen might be addicted to social media is because they have a fear of missing out. They may feel that if they get off social media they might miss something interesting or something that may include them. Social media I think is a distraction toward doing your schoolwork if you’re on social media the whole time you’re Foreshore missing out on important academic knowledge would seem results in four grades and disappointed parents, am I right? studies prove that people who use Instagram orl other apps a lot while studying or doing homework tend to have lower grades due to the fact that while trying to multitask, the social media app will instantly distract you from your work no matter how hard you try to multitask, especially us guys because apparently we can’t multitask. Any sort of addiction is bad, But I but I personally think an addiction to social media is seriously bad for teenagers because of the fact that it can affect your future and ruin your career. It is essential for most jobs to be able to interact and socialise with anyone need to be associated with. This means that constantly being glued to social media and gradually losing touch with reality as well as developing a lack of being able to socialise with your pairs is definitely not healthy for your future. Your future is far more important compared social media which means it needs to be prioritised.


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