Social media and the internet is a very big debate topic in today’s society. A lot of people may think social media destroys the human interaction and real current relationships with their close friend or even significant other. Social media in the past five to ten years has been growing rapidly throughout the entire world. More teenagers, kids, and adults are starting to use and join sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram just to interact with other family and friends all around the world. It affects each person in many different ways. In today’s day social media can be used as either a helping hand or by making young adults be more aware on the internet or even cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is very common in this age and can occur to a lot of people old or young that can cause outcomes such as anxiety, depression and suicide. Despite the fact that there on positives on social media, the negatives outweighs the positives a lot.
Cyber bullying impacts a society so much in a dismissive way because it is leaving the minds of young teenagers damaged. People often give out their information that’s personal and not knowing who can view it. There is a huge lack of security over the internet and it leaves people vulnerable to all of the security attacks such as, leaking information, fraud, and small viruses. Using the internet According to recent studies, social media can lead to brain disorders and causes people to not being able to interact with others when they’re face to face. People rather talk face to face then to talk in person.
Social media in today’s society has done incredible numbers especially Facebook. Websites such as Facebook has gotten a lot better with their communication and has made communication a lot more reliable. With almost 500 million users accounts Facebook is considered the most used social media app as of 2018. There are about 900 million plus social media accounts in the whole entire world meaning that you can basically connect with anyone in every country. Currently, people are saying that social is going down to be one of the humanities greatest achievements and accomplishments ever.
In today’s generation students from middle school to junior high school are constantly on their phones and social media apps. They’re affecting these kids mentally because of how glued they are to their social media. They can’t take a walk without looking at their phone for 3 minutes. They spend most of their time on social media and on the internet then their actual school work. Not only is it affecting their grades but also their mental life.
Overall, social media is very huge in today’s society and the positives will always outbalance the negatives. It has taken over people’s life, relationships and friendships. Cyber bullying has been an common issue in the past years and has affected so many young teenagers. We want people to put a stop to cyberbullying. It’s something that we don’t need in today’s world.


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