Similar to intrinsic motivations, extrinsic motivations also has disadvantages. Extrinsic motivation’s main pitfall is reward. If the rewards are removed, motivation drops and nothing gets accomplished. Therefore, rewards are short-term and not sustainable over long periods of time; to much pressure to perform at the same level

In addition, this type of motivation creates an addiction and dependence on praise and reward. This might become an issue for dependency may increase if the person seeks external sources to stimulate their motivation (Schunk, 2016). When this occurs, a person may create a guilt complex and possible display anxiety and low self-esteem. Fear and punishment are avoided so others would think positively of someone. As an example, a employee may lead a project assigned by their supervisor for fear of discipline if he does not do so such as a demotion or loss of pay. A student might want to avoid some academic tasks but they complete them to receive rewards and avoid teacher punishment. The disadvantage, in this case, is that a person can lose interest in the reward and need to be constantly motivated (Schunk, 2016).

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Though Extrinsic motivation is not the best method, we utilize it to get us through tough times and what we call, life.


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