Should students have the right to be able to choose their own subjects? They should be able to. Why? It is helpful for the career paths

For Argument 1: Student would choose the right subjects to go on the right path on their career. Parents put a lot of pressure on their sons and daughters on what career path they would like to have in the future. with this, students choosing the right subjects for their career path would lessen the pressure in which the parents give them by giving them a list of classes that would only distract them on their career path (assuming that they have chosen one) and would not benefit them what so ever. Useless classes which would not benefit the student would just put more pressure on the student and probably give stress to the student.

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For Argument 2: Students would choose the good and right subjects for them in which they are passionate about and are interested in. Thanks to that, the students will work harder and be more prone to do their homework. They would study adequately and would acquire more knowledge more easily. They would learn how to appreciate studying


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