Something you want to do and protect
yourself from dangers isn’t something easy you can do, But it can be easy if
you want to do it unlawful if people want to call it that. Being allowed to
carry a firearm at the age of 18 through 21 they shouldn’t be able to protect
their own safety reasons and people have a right to defend themselves.

         United states such
as the citizens, there are numbers of way that a criminal can grab a gun,
legally or illegally , Being an honest citizen will go through the legal process.
2nd amendment will only make people use the government as a key
power and try to enforce that rule in many way, And saying that they have their
own rights and their safety this law shouldn’t be removed or broken at any time
which I Currently agree because carrying a firearm at the age of 21 is quite a
while. Despite the shootings and killings that has been going around the united
states and young teens getting a hold of a firearm is a big concern, But at the
end of the day how would you know your in safety you cannot be 100% or for sure,
A Citizen that just wants to protect himself/herself will want to defend themselves
for various reason. Imagine if that’s no longer an option and more and more
people will try to get Firearms illegally and the criminals rates will just go
high and high and will just increase and criminals will see that people will be
defenseless and they will try to attack in any possible way, People even think
this guarantee was wrote down with no Constraints, Now they made laws that the
gun ownership have little and limited Aspects. Gun Control is most likely the
public safety’s biggest Flag, This is mostly the main violence inside the united
states they have been facing for many and multiple years and they need a many
ways to prevent all these homicides, murders, killings I’m not saying allowing a
Highschool senior will stop this but it’s just the principle people want to
have their own safety.” Background checks happen when you go to a federally
licensed gun dealer and is a Required process and the Dealer must run your name
through the federal database to check if you have a mentally illness or
Criminal record. “Facing many years, they always to prevent gun violence and
the even record how many deaths and homicides since its happening so much
inside the united states” (Martinez). Personally, the united states and the government
is doing it the right way, Going through process what if a person wanted to
attack and was stressing over something and the only thing to do is kill
themselves young adults do have that mindset But ones that are mature enough to
have a owned weapon should be taking tests and backgrounds daily until they
Receive it , Reading this article it was talking about how 18 years and high
school seniors go to private gun dealers or they can go to one and personally
purchase one unless the dealer gives it to you because mostly under 21 mostly
may be not given based on the dealer if they think your worthy or may give you
one at your own risk , Many states are debating if younger adults should carry

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         Gun control is
really becoming a huge topic in the country you can go search up in google and
a lot of topics debating if gun control should not be allowed, Dealers and
states has let People carry firearms and they did go through the federally went
through a very difficult process. The way the system works inside the government
is based on a whole they decide weather its good they determine on the citizens
but not most of the times they just pass the law on the congress or senate and
has to go through a day by day process , Carrying a Firearm at the age of 18
can be somewhat weird to some people but its up to us that government will
listen us citizens , Article I was reading was talking about how private
dealers will not most likely will not sell through ages 18-20 while I was
talking a little bit about it in Page 2 But besides illegal crimes the idea
that young individuals  have a constitutional
right to protect themselves which means to buy weapons and carry them loaded
and concealed in public is really Breathtakingly and irresponsible and to some people
might be afraid and notice something is strange that they’re carrying a firearm.
“A high school senior in most states can go to a Gun show, go line or any other
place that they might find a private seller and lawfully purchase a gun that
they couldn’t otherwise at a gun dealer” (David Chipman)., A Former ATF federal
agent that works with the mayors against illegally guns. If An 18-year-old
brings their legally purchased hand gun that they brought from who knows they
cannot be allowed to bring them in and repair them because they are under 21.


        Seniors shouldn’t
be denied carrying a weapon for myself I would carry a firearm for my own
safety because it’s the only way keeping me safe but maybe not for others but I
Regulate with the government laws and follow all the process and not listen to
the government and buy a weapon from the streets but Carrying a rifle at the
age of 18 or having or personally owning one isn’t illegal in Washington state,
They shouldn’t be able to be carry rifles but not a Handgun.



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