Many women have attempted to end the life of an unborn baby because they assume that they are not physically and mentally ready to be a mother, and that they are too young to make babies and take responsibilities, to deal with this issue they choose to abort the fetus. I strongly agree that abortion should be legal because it ensures many benefits to women. There are several reasons why abortion should be legal.

First of all, rules that are countered to abortion kill women. In fact, restricting abortion will not stop them from going through the process, and when women feel like they need to abort the fetus, they will do it without any medical care even in dangerous conditions. Before abortion was legal, it has been assessed that almost a million women each year are called for illegal abortion In the United State. Thousands died and tens of thousands were severely damaged. Furthermore, legal abortions ensure women’s health. Legal abortion not only saves lives of women, but also takes care of their health. Furthermore, legal abortions results in a healthy lifestyles for women which is a big deal to them.

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Secondly, lawful abortion is the privilege and vital path for women. Here and there, it isn’t the ideal opportunity for her to be a decent mother since she is really young. Another point is that she wouldn’t like to have an undesirable child. In the event that a women is assaulted, she sometime ends up noticeably pregnant. She wouldn’t like to see that infant. With this circumstance, shouldn’t she have the privilege to abort the fetus? If I was dealing with her process, I will abort the fetus that I don’t need. Some women will look at the child and think of the pain and suffering that she went through. Subsequently, they ought to be permitted to abort in such cases. Additionally, it is better for women to abort their fetus since it is overbearing to them. If they don’t abort the fetus then both the mother and the fetus will die, but if she does abort the fetus, then the mother will stay alive. Choosing to have the baby will kill both of them, but choosing to abort the fetus will help the mother’s life.

Thirdly, over population and poverty results as a fact of having a lot of children. In the meantime, there are a large number of individuals who are living on the planet. Subsequently, legal abortion is truly fascinating for people who need to live a healthy life. There are a lot of issues that affect the world due to over population. Pollution is led by overpopulation which causes global warming. Another point of view is that legal abortions can regulate poverty. It’s a very hard task for parents to have a lot of children. Parents have to make money in order to make a living for their children. Some parents have to obligate a crime though it is illegal, but they do it for the sake of their children. The society will be a complete chaos. In spite of the fact that they attempt to do everything for money; still, it isn’t sufficient. Thus they will live in a terrible circumstance. Consequently, abortion ought to be legal, and poverty will be diminished.

However, according to what people say, legal abortions kill millions of babies each year. Others also say that Buddhism is against abortion, they think that killing living thing such as a fetus is regarded as sin. It means that if a mother commits to abortion will get sin because she killed her baby. These concepts are acceptable and motivating. Moreover, As a result of abortion the mother will either live in a terrible situation or die. But in other conditions, for example, if there is a legal law for abortion, the mother will be taken care of by skilled doctors or nurses, therefor she will be safe. In the meantime, legal abortion does not intend to compel women to abort their children; conversely, it encourages women how to comprehend the mechanism to take care of their health and lives. I completely support legal abortion because without legal abortion, women would hurt themselves trying to abort the fetus without any help from an expert. Therefore, their condition will be more dangerous and it’s illegal because they have no experience, hence, there will be a lot of people who will die from committing abortion without help from a doctor. Legal abortion is also necessary for the society and the world as much as it is for women, because it has so many advantages.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for why abortion should be legal. Those mothers who abort their unwanted fetus will be happy and safe. Many nations can lessen poverty and also are able to regulate over a population, especially in those nations where their natural resources are limited for the population. It is the ultimate way that can benefit women, and nations all over the world.


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