Shoes are recommended to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. I have had these shoes for about a year. My shoe at first sight may seem like just a pair of worn out shoes but, at a closer angle it uncovers a lot about where I have been and what I enjoy doing.

My shoes reveal what I do as a student. Last year I had PE, and we did many sprints and ran many miles at the lake. At the bottom of my shoe there is gum stuck to it from walking around campus. They were originally pure white and have turned grey from playing sports games on grassy fields. I wore them to the first day of my sophomore year. I wore them on the last day of my freshman year.

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My shoes also reveal what I enjoy doing. You may notice that my shoes are creased on the front from hiking over the weekends or walking around Oakland after school with my friends. I enjoy traveling, and have been to 12 states over my Summer break wearing these shoes. The leather on the sides are beginning to tear from walking around fallen tree branches, and hiking at Wyoming Yellowstone park.

You may also notice that the end of my shoe laces are torn up. I enjoy taking care of pets, and I own a dog. Before my dog was trained not to bite on shoes, he tore up my shoe laces. On one of my shoe there is a small tear on the leather from my dog chewing on it.

Evidently, I have worn these shoes through many occasions. They show what I enjoy doing and have been with me to many places. You have learned a lot about who I am from my shoes, but you can learn a lot more by walking a mile in them.


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