Sex education is a process where someone can learn about their hormone changing and body development. In this modern society, children are exposed to sex through the social media, internet sites, television shows, books and their peers etc. Depending on the age groups, this can spark a kid’s interest to the point where they become curious to seek for information regarding to sex in the wrong place. This can be dangerous to them without proper guidance. Therefore, parents should educated their children in sex education.
Sex education can prevent sex predators taking advantage of them to lead them astray and also avoid being vulnerable to peer pressure. There are a lot of sex predators that will pry upon children through the internet. A child may be unable to spot them and they can be lead astray by them. It can be very dangerous for them if they don’t get proper guidance to spot these threats. In the school environment, the children will interact with other children from different background and get exposed to certain things. Their peers may present them with incomplete information about sex and the consequence of it. For instance, where a parent would take their time to go every detail to make sure that their kids truly understand about sex, their peers will tell them what they hear from ‘gossip’ and their experience. This information can entice the child curiosity to try it. They may succumb to peer pressure and may make the wrong decisions regarding to sex. In other words, their peer can make it sound fun, less dangerous, little or no consequence, keeping secret and not really communicate with their parent. It is important for parents to understand that they should be the ones to clarify any doubt that their child has regarding sex and sexuality rather than someone else to do it for them.
Sex education can be an ‘ice breaker’ for both parents and children. Due to the generation gap, this can be relatively uncomfortable and awkward topic for parents to have with their children. For instance, the child may be into a trend where a parent won’t understand. Parents can establish an open, understanding relationship through this. The child can know that he or she can always come to their parent and ask them about anything if they are confuse or just want to talk about something may bothering them rather than going to confided in their peers. It is very important to keep the line of communication open.

Sex education can provide an opportunity to instill morale and family valves. Some family have difference in both. For instance, if the child came from a Christian family background that believes that sexual intercourse should be after marriage. That can be included in the discussion.
However, parents may have different view about this topic and try to avoid having the ‘talk’ with their kids. Some may argue that they are encouraging their children in promiscuity activities through sex education. On the other hand, parents are educating their children about their sexuality and its consequence that can help them to grow into mature and responsible young adult to make informed decision about life,
In conclusion, it will be in kids best interest to get the sex education from their parents. The children will learn the truth about sex and its consequence in a control environment whereas they can understand through their parent experience. They will be able to refrain and control themselves when situation may arise and make informed decision. They will not be vulnerable to peer pressure and be easily swayed into wrong judgments. They may be able to spot a sexual predator and be able to avoid these threats.

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