In this paper we will discuss how to established a VPN (virtual Private Network) which is extremely costly to utilize,It requires VPN suppliers to build up the system through utilizing networks.VPN is more flexible for sharing data.The information exchanged utilizing AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption instruments with HMAC (Hash Based Message Authentication Code) which check the same message got from both sender and receiver side.We can establish it more easily bu using VPN providers in Android and windows etc through internet.The main purpose is to implement the VPN connection between the client and server network for communication.                                                                                    VPN contain two types for communication system site to site and remote access.In this paper,we are establishing site to site VPN using PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol).The site to site network create connection between the LAN networks.It joins based camps,remote workplaces and branch workplaces.PPTP (Ponit to Point Tunnelling Protocol) allows us to establish your own VPN by using mostly the mobile phones.It encrypt data and then keep it in the form of packets to secure the communication between the users over LAN or WAN because it needs authentication..By utilizing Java crypto package code is actualized for AES and HMAC.AES algorithm was developed by Rijindael.It has 10,12,14 round and 128,192,256 bit keys.In DES encryption algorithm and key generation algorithm parallelly works.Triple DES is very time consuming and slow as compared to AES.AES pseudo code is defined in this paper. HMAC is a validation code (MAC) including hash work and cryptographic key which is attached to the text.HMAC does not scramble the message.The pseudo code for the HMAC function is describe.How to set the VPN server on server system and setup VPN client in the client system is defined in the experiments and results.In VPN client system ,We must fill the setting of internet address,Destination name,use smart card and allow other people to use it.  By establishing these two systems into the VPN networks,We will communicate data between using the Java Language and then run that same java code for the shared keys.


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