1.4 Project Scope
As been mentioned, UTB Staff Recruitment System which enables both users to use the services of the system as online. It enables both users to have improvised recruitment facilities and features with the speed at which several steps of the recruitment will be carried out online leads to a shorter recruitment cycle. By having this system, the recruitment process can be made faster interns of speed and efficiency through immediate posting of jobs online on the Job Boards, one of the features that will be implemented in UTB SRS and the ease of completing online application forms provided and uploading CVs to the system for review. Admin can easily do the pre-selection process of preparing shorlisting and priority applicants list for interviews through respective Faculty Selection’s Committee meeting (and tailored to UTB needs) by grouping online applications according to pre-determined criteria and meet the basic requirement. Other than weeks, Application send by applicants can be processed within minutes which save both admin and job seekers valuable time.

It resolves issues of manual staffing processes by removing much of the routine administrations involving activities in recruiting and allowing admin to track into a controlled and closely monitored work flow in the architecture of the application. This system makes it simpler to share and manage UTB human resource requirements with higher efficiency and easiness. 

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1.4.1 Objectives of the project

The objective of the project is to serve as a common meeting ground for jobseekers and UTB organization, both locally and globally. UTB Staff Recruitment System is specifically designed for UTB to help in solving manual staffing problems and managing human resource department activities at high degree of optimization and in an organized systematic way.  The following are the objectives of the web-based to be achieved:-

To introduce paper-less online application form
To ensure the completion of online application form by filling in all required information before submission
Replacing manual evaluation of shortlisted applicants by having checklist function
Upload function will be implemented for required documents to be uploaded as prescribed for the position applied 
The system is capable of sorting and filtering best suitable applicants based on some criteria and generate reports of multiple recruitment rounds to be reviewed by the staff


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