Science is a pathway that leads to an understanding of the truth. The answer to how the universe came to be is through science. The importance of science in our daily lives may not seem to be relevant, but yet, we are making science based decisions every day. Science is the foundation of an innovative culture and the core of significant political decisions. Those who, “fear reality, would distrust science,” because science is being rational and putting trust into something that is real (Shook 96). Rationality is being agreeable to reason. Science has come a long way and through experiments and trial and error, we’ve come to find that science is one of the only ways to achieve great success and happiness. The greatest key to understanding life is done through science.
The universe has given us so many opportunities to live a fulfilled life and each day, it is being ruined by the people living in it. Our modern society does not realize the world doesn’t need us, the people, but we, the people need the world. We can work with the environment, around it, or against it, but we will always be affecting it, and it will always be affecting us. If we keep treating our planet the way we are, there won’t be much left of it and in order to see a difference, we need to make change. Science has given us life and without


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