Science-Based Theories
Science-Based Theories
Science-Based Theories Useful To Advanced Practice Nurses
The theory of psychosocial development developed by Erik Erikson is useful to advanced practice nurses. The development theory states that people develop depending on their culture, their body, and their mind (McLeod, 2013). The developmental process is divided into eight stages from birth until death and childhood experiences influence the behavior of an adult (McLeod, 2013). This theory helps nurses in better understanding and addressing their patients’ health issues. Nurses can also use the development theory to collect information about their patients. This information is important for nurses and helps the nurses to focus on the concern of the patient and provide focused medical care (McLeod, 2013).
This theory can also help nurses in analyzing past developmental issues, which can reoccur in the future and can help in providing information about a current major issue (McLeod, 2013). This past information will help a nurse in better decision-making regarding the treatment procedures on the patient. Erikson’s theory enables nurses to understand their patient’s background and what issues the patients might have had through the theory’s stages, which will enable the nurses to be more sensitive to their patients (McLeod, 2013).
The second theory useful to advanced practice nurses is the stress and general adaptation syndrome, which explains how exposure to stress can lead to aging and other diseases (Selye, 1950). This theory invented by Hans Selye states that the biological body pattern could be predicted using external factors that may cause stress in individuals (Selye, 1950). By determining this pattern, normal body balance can be restored. This theory is useful to advanced practice nurses as they can be able to address external stressors that have an impact on the treatment process of individuals (Selye, 1950).
Stress has a negative impact on an individual and can lead to chronic illnesses, which may include hypertension, diabetes, and cancer (Selye, 1950). With this theory, nurses are able to trace what factors that can lead to these negative effects and provide a mechanism for addressing those factors. This theory enables nurses to understand the development of stress and its impact on an individual. This can help the nurses address the stress at the different levels of its development (Selye, 1950).

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