Science-Based Theories
Science-Based Theories
How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory Is Relevant To Application for a DNP-Prepared Nurse
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory states that individuals are motivated by certain needs and these needs vary depending on their importance (McLeod, 2013). The basic needs are the most important as they determine our survival and are the first needs to be fulfilled before the next level needs, which are psychological needs and self-fulfillment needs, which are the last to be addressed (McLeod, 2013). This theory is relevant to application for a DNP-prepared nurse as health is among the basic needs of any individual. Every nurse should ensure that the basic needs of any patient are met in the process of administering medical care (McLeod, 2013).
Without the basic needs, the treatment outcomes would be negatively affected. The basic needs also contribute to the health status of any individual and lack of them will affect the patients (McLeod, 2013). The basic needs must be addressed first before the others as they have an impact on the other needs. Application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory will help nurses in addressing the whole perspective of a patient by providing care at all perspectives which is necessary in the provision of comprehensive care and achievement of healthcare goals where a patient is cared both mentally and physically (McLeod, 2013).

How the Theory of Evolution Is Relevant To Application for a DNP-Prepared Nurse
The theory of evolution explains how the environment influences the characteristics and behaviors of different individuals (Gluckman, Low, Buklijas, Hanson, ; Beedle, 2011). These traits can also be passed to their off springs. This happens through a selection process where the favorable traits are acquired and passed on to the next generation where else, the less favorable traits are not acquired and are not common on the next generations (Gluckman, 2011). This can also include traits passed through genes from parents to their off springs.
The theory of evolution can be beneficial to nurses in understanding some of the infectious diseases. This theory can provide information on how to address the diseases (Gluckman, 2011). The nurses are also able to address future infections of the diseases by implementing preventive strategies. The evolution theory helps nurses in understanding the human health and diseases surrounding certain groups of people. This information provides a deeper insight on diseases and nurses can know the basis of a disease resulting to a better decision-making process regarding how to address the disease, which will improve the treatment outcomes (Gluckman, 2011).

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