Sarah Etienne
Legal Studies 250
Karl Marx might interpret plea bargaining by focusing on the social conditions that define and encourage people to except punishment. The might concentrate on changing the court system and to eliminate the injustices that continue. He believed that capitalist and other class societies give the power to government power to rule a group, which uses that power to shape criminal laws and criminal justice policy to serve their own. This implies that criminal delinquent problems can’t be resolved within the capitalist society. This suggest that they must recognize that problems within from economic reasons. The courts would have to advocate eliminating status of the people and victimless offenses from the jurisdiction of the courts, instituting determinate sentencing, granting all the procedural protections to courts that able to apply adults, and practice the same principle of the least restrictive alternative in sentencing.
Weber considered that law is a kind of social action that involves order to be obey. For Weber, an order is only valid when people believe it is legitimate. In order for it be called law one might apply people in law that have the power to convince a legal rule. Weber noted that it will develop into more of a modern society, which is where legal forms would be rational. In Weber’s perspective, the restorative of the justice movement would be considered a type of social action. The reason being is to understand the rehabilitation of the victim and offender. This will be valued if this is provided by the system and then try to rationalize and try to realize it is harsh to punish our victims and offenders if the goal of the program is to accept responsibility of them and the courts to recognize the harm that has been done, and work with the victim to repair them to be in society. Weber developed the idea of the four basic categories of legal thought for creating and finding law.


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