The role an apprenticeship end point assessor is to provide independent, fair, reliable and consistent assessment working with apprenticeship standards. Assessors need occupational experience with excellent knowledge of current regulations, legislation and quality practice within the filed they are assessing. In my case this is Health & Social Care/Management primarily. This enables them to form judgements and grading decisions upon the completion of a variety of assessment activities, which test the apprentices’ occupational competency. The assessor should be flexible in their approach to all tasks and has the required assessment abilities along with the ability to act with impartiality and integrity.

Main Responsibilities
• Deliver end point assessment services to apprentices and their employers
• Undertake end point assessment activities with integrity and impartiality to offer a fair, reliable and consistent assessment for all apprentices and employers
• Manage my caseload to ensure all stages of the EPA journey are completed timely and to the expected standard
• Maintain knowledge of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans relevant to my area of expertise
• Produce accurate and well-informed assessment feedback and written reports to validate assessment grading decisions
• Provide detailed and appropriate feedback to support apprentice development
• Participate in moderation, standardisation and development activities and meetings as required
• Be responsible for maintaining my own on-going CPD relevant to both assessment ; occupational competency

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