Role Models are like candles with flame which guides us during darkness through inspiration. My mother is the flame in a candle. She is such a gem who is very hardworking, kind and strong. She has taken care of me in these 30 years with no difference though I am married with a child. My mother always taught my siblings and myself to be respectful and polite to everyone. Whenever we succeed, she encourages us and when there are failures she will be supportive. “Perseverance Yields success” is the common quote that she always used to remind us throughout our education period. When there was a need for her explore job opportunities, due to unforeseen circumstances (Financial instability), she always reminded me that I am the eldest child and need to be responsible to take care of my siblings when she goes out to work. She has never stress us over the bills and reminded us to focus in education which is a basic necessity in life.
My mother hides all the difficulties she faced. She always put on a smile and tell us that in life we are not supposed to be stressful. Take things lightly. Everything has a solution. Be patient to achieve something you desire for long. My mother also reminded us that even if you have grown greater heights in life, the respect for all must be always be there sincerely without looking down on. I would love to follow her footsteps. Being a mother myself, I know how difficult parenting is. Every child has different capabilities. And as mother, we have to endure all differences and motivate the child. I am very proud that I have a Mother who was there at all time when in need. Thank You Mother?


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