Review the prevailing leadership styles in the organisation.

With the organisation that I am working at there’s no set leadership style that managers seem to use. I have been monitoring some of the managers since starting this unit and they all seem to have different styles, these are also not a specific style, but a mix of various styles can be seen in different managers from Bureaucratic Leadership to Behavioural Leadership, but it seems that the main style of leadership is Trait, but this is only what I have noticed in my own surroundings.

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The Behavioural Theory of Leadership
In response to the early criticisms of the trait approach
leadership as a set of behaviours
• They evaluated what successful leaders did, developed a taxonomy of actions, and identified broad patterns that indicated different leadership styles
• Behavioural theory also incorporates B.F. Skinner’s theory of behaviour modification, which considers the effect of reward and punishment on changing behaviour.
• An example of this theory in action is a manager or leader who motivates desired behaviour by scolding employees who arrive late to meetings and showing appreciation when they are early or on time.
Source: (, 2018)

If I were to analyse my style of managing I would possibly say that I use a mix of Trait & Transformational Leadership even though this style may not suit different situations and below are some of my personal traits:
Achievement drive:
High level of effort, high levels of ambition, energy and initiative
Leadership motivation:
an intense desire to lead others to reach shared goals
Honesty and integrity:
trustworthy, reliable, and open
Belief in one’s self, ideas, and ability
Cognitive ability:
Capable of exercising good judgment, strong analytical abilities, and conceptually skilled
Knowledge of business:
Knowledge of industry and other technical matters
Emotional Maturity:
well adjusted, does not suffer from severe psychological disorders.
Creativity and flexibility

Trait leadership is defined as integrated patterns of personal characteristics that reflect a range of individual differences and foster consistent leader effectiveness across a variety of group and organizational situations.
Source: (Zaccaro, Kemp, ; Bader, 2004).

If I were to critically asses our company’s leadership styles I would say that Trait is not the best suited for us due to the company having a global personnel base and the fact we have employees from different nationalities working within the company, it would be very difficult to say that 1 style suits all.
My personal belief is that we need to know and understand how to manage in a variety of ways to be able to change our leadership style to suit the situation at hand.


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