Research is a disciplined inquiry or systematic investigation aimed at providing solutions to problems. Research is conducted by scholars in different fields to advance their knowledge and it can also lead to discovery of new knowledge; thus progressing knowledge.
A researcher must think carefully about what the research is going to be about, that is, the research topic or research problem.

A good research topic should have the following qualities.
1. Specific
A good research topic should be specific. It should not be genera, that is, broad. A researcher should pick a topic that focuses on a particular aspect of a subject.
2. Clarity
A researcher’s topic must be clear and easily understandable. A clear topic will have a single interpretation. This kind of interpretation without ambiguity will help the researcher to focus on the topic and undertake it; thus giving a clear direction in terms of research methodology to be used.

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3. Relevance
A researcher should choose a topic that is relevant to events and happenings now. It must be timely in relation to current issues,

4. Well-defined and well-phrased
The research topic should be constructed in a way that eliminates ambiguity. Anyone reading your research topic should interpret it to have a single meaning. Therefore a good research topic must always give readers single interpretation in terms of meaning.

5. The language
A researcher should frame his or her research topic in a simple language. Technical terms which might limit interpretation by many people should be avoided. Remember that language choice might sometimes discriminate; therefore any choice of technical term must be well thought of.

6. The titling
The rules of titling must be observed and strictly adhered to when writing a research topic.

7. Current importance
A researcher should also be up to date about happenings and events in his or her field of study or interest. Being updated will allow him or her to choose a topic of importance and avoid those that obsolete or those that seem not to attract any attention.


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