Republic of the PHILIPPINES
I. Background of the subject
Technology has greatly influenced every aspects of living, it has made life easy,
the technological growth taking place in the world today is doing fast and there is
progress being made with each passing day and without a doubt it has made a great
impact on the society.
Internet is a worldwide network of computer networks that connects university,
government, commercial, and other computers in over 150 countries.
Wi-fi is facility allowing computers, smartphones or other devices to connect to
the internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.
Pipol Konek (Free Wi-Fi Access in Public Places Project) is nominated in the
World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2018. It is a government project of
the Department of Information and Communications Technology(DICT) that aims to
provide free internet access to one municipalities and cities nationwide. Its goal is to
make internet access available for filipinos to accelerate economic, social and
educational opportunities.
Republic of the PHILIPPINES
The free wi-fi in public places project will install wireless internet access points in
public places such as town plazas, parks, government offices, health units, and
transport terminals including train, stations, seaports, and airports.
II. Statement of the problem
The researchers wants to know the benefits of having free public wi-fi in order to
help the internet access in the Philippines. Furthermore, the study aims to answer the
following questions:
1. How to avoid public wi-fi security risks?
2. How to assure that the internet connection is enough for many users?
III. Objectives
The main objective of this study is to know how the free public wi-fi works and
what places are covered with the said project.
To avoid public wi-fi security risks is to check the website if is correct, to avoid
getting hack. Don’t click any advertisement that appear on the screen when you are
using the free public wi-fi. And last, be responsible on what you doing.
To assure the internet connection is enough for many users, they should put time
limit on every devices that are connected to their access point.
IV. Areas of Consideration
A. External Environment
Republic of the PHILIPPINES
The free public wi-fi is available in some places such as 4568 in public schools,
3173 in public parks and plazas, 2277 in government hospitals and RHUs, 677 in public
libraries, 1557 in national and local government offices, 682 in state universities and
colleges, and 90 in seaports, airports and train stations.
As of August 2017 Students, teachers, barangay officials, farmers and other
sectoral groups joined the Internet Media and Information Literacy Training conducted
by the Department of Information and Communications Technology(DICT) last August
23, 2017 at the Training Center. The “Pipol Konek” is part of the Juan Konek Free
Public Wi-Fi Project is a government project of the Department of Information and
Communications Technology (DICT) that aims to provide free broadband Internet
access to 1 municipalities, and cities nationwide. Its goal is to make Internet access
available for all Filipinos to accelerate economic, social and educational
opportunities.(DICT)Directly in line with the “Internet For All” thrust identified in the
Philippine Digital Strategy 2011-2016, the Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in
Public Places Project aims to close the Digital Divide.(DICT)Free Public Wi-Fi will be
made available in public plazas and parks; public libraries, schools, colleges and
universities; rural health units and government hospitals; train stations, airports, and
seaports; and national and local government offices.
The scientific knowledge for practical purpose,Develops interoperable
technologies (Specifications, guidliness,software and tools) to lead the web to its full
potential is a form of information , commerce , communication and collective
Republic of the PHILIPPINES
Lack of Filipino’s in IT security professionals – that can promote cybersecurity
awareness in the country. Because there will be a trust issue on a broadband plan to
the people who will use it. that can be everyones reason to fear about.
Security- It can be great threat businesses,stablishments,School,people and etc
for not tight and intact security and making their transactions online .
Cybercrime- Broadband plan can be a big part in the increasing and widening
cybercrime and pornographic acts happening today and can double up in the future.
Hacking – It can be use for invading privacy, making malicious acts and leaking
confidentials like trade secrets online.
You’ll enhance your marketing. Certain WiFi solutions allow you to promote your
business before customers even sign in. For example, WiFi Pro from Comcast Business
allows businesses to create a custom splash or landing page to attract customers and
share real-time offers. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to brand your network with a
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more time at your business. WiFi access helps customers stay productive and
connected while they’re in your store or at your place of business, so they’ll want to stay
longer. In fact, as many as 62% of businesses report that customers spend more time
when When courage their friends and family to spend more time at your business,
They’ll spend more – really You might worry about customers who use the WiFi
without spending a dime, but chances are good they’ll end up actually spending more.
Half of small businesses surveyed said that customers spent more money when free
Republic of the PHILIPPINES
WiFi became available. For retailers, customers can use the WiFi to browse your
products and read reviews in real time.
You’ll gain a competitive edge Many people filter businesses – coffee shops,
bookstores, laundromats – based on which ones offer free WiFi. Those that offer fast,
free WiFi have a clear advantage over those that don’t. The reality is, customers have
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B. Internal Environment
Aims to provide free broadband internet access to 1634 class 1-6 municipalities
and cities nationwide.
Before you connect to the free public wi-fi, you should go to their website and fill up the following fields with the correct information. The
internet access of free wifi has a level of access.
? Level 1 – 50 Mb – 1 Gb
? Level 2 – 100 Mb – 2 Gb
? Level 3 – 300 Mb – 3 Gb
The speed can vary from the committed rate of 512 kbps to a burst of 50 Mbps
depending on where you are and how far you are from the wi-fi access point you are
connected on, what device you are using, how many people are currently using wi-fi
Republic of the PHILIPPINES
access point you are connected on, and what applications are you and people around
you using.
A public wifi network has several security issues. That’s because several people
access the network at the same time on the same spot. Low speed A public WiFI
network is usually accessed by several people at the same time. This results in a
considerable loss of bandwidth resulting in a slow network speed.
V. Recommendation/s
Use of managed services shall also be expected to yield commercial
opportunities for the private sectors providers that would in turn lower costs for
government , and more importantly, make available wider, and even new, services for
the public while seeking revenue sharing would be possible , the project shall instead
seek fixed discounts.
The objectives of this study is to promote and enhance the nternet and access of
the ability of the Filipino.
They planned to put WIFI hotspot in ares like malls, markets, terminals,
convenient Stores,Restaurants and other establishment. We all know that some people
are abusing the Public WiFi so we would like to set a time limit for those who will use
the free wifi connection to make it fair for other users.
VI. Conclusion
Republic of the PHILIPPINES
Based on the findings on the study about the free public wi-fi ,it has a big help for
the society. Furthermore, you should be more responsible on what you are doing
because this project will not only gives benefits but also can harm to everyone.


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