Remember in titans
This film is about black and white peoples who are different from each other in terms of race and the white people dominant over the black peoples so it create difference between these both communities but they work hard together for achieving their goal that was to win the football match . And this film is American sports film this is released in 2000 this is true story of African coach.

Main Characters
Two coaches black man coach is hormone Boone and his assistance is coach Yoast and Gerry Bertire (white) and Julius (black) are players.
In this movie they show that they become friends and they become strength of each other during their game, they win together and get success together. In this film they show diversification in terms of age, groups, genders and race like the kids are in this picture, daughters of coaches this is age, the gender is when the girls and boys are acting a roll of love and friendship and race white and black peoples difference shown in this movie.

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Remember the titans; in this movie they show the factor of diversity, in this white people dominant over the black people. United State made a school for giving trainings to both these people (Black and White). They make controversy in movie by changing the coach of team; they regret the white coach and make new coach which is black man. Players suffer a lot at camps they fight with each other white players don’t want to follow the instructions of black coach. Another problem is facing the team is local community which is highly against to the black players they don’t want black players in football team. This is about two different communities. Those communities are against to each other. As time is passing people who are against each other they work together and get success. They work together as divers’ team. They accept everything of each other and then they become a successful.
Examples Of Discrimination In Movie
The first instance is when the team goes out to a restaurant after one of their wins, the owner says that he reserves the right to refuse service to anybody and tell them that if they want they can go pick up food out back. This instance is a great example of how the white society has very un-accepting attitude towards the black culture that they shared their community with.

The second instance is when an opposing white coach says that he refuses to share game film with “that monkey”, the black coach. At this point in the movie, the former white coach is up to be elected to the high school hall of fame and the board decides to have the black coach lose a game so he can be fired; this other coach is a part of this conspiracy and his actions support that theory. Both of these examples are just a few of multiple instances of discrimination throughout the movie that affect the storyline.

In this movie; the motivation factor is also included with the diversification when the coach Yoast stay after denied from the position of coach, he thinks that players see him and they may be make their career more better and they see the right direction.

X And Y Theory
In this the x and y theory of motivation is implemented like some players don’t work hard and don’t want to give more efforts in their work so coach push them and some are the leaders who lead the team as Gerry, they do not any need of any force they work by their self and perform well in team.

Trio Needs Of Theory
Trio need of theory is also implemented. Need of achievement, coach Boone wants to achieve that they win game. Need of power, the coach have power to give any order to their players and they must follow and last is Need of affiliation in this, one white player want to be a friend of black player and he go at dining table of blacks and eat with them just to make a relationship with them.

Self Efficacy Theory
Self efficacy theory is also related to this movie like players have both. They have willingness to play the game and they have also the ability to play and win the game.
Goal Setting Theory
Goal setting theory is implemented also in this movie like their goal is to win the football match and this is challenging for them to work diversely and they also manage the time and they give high performance for winning the match and they achieve their goal successfully.


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