Recently, several remarkable studies of RHBD cells have been made
reported based on redundancy at circuit level or redesign of a memory
cell to provide fault tolerance capability by radiation. For example,
RHBD memory cells like (PS-10T
and NS-10T memory cells) uses a stacked structure. Nevertheless,
Due to the design flaw, these memory cells can provide
only the partial solidity of SEU, that is, the NS-10T cell can only be recovered
0 to 1 SEU instead of 1 to 0 SEU. On the contrary, the PS-10T cell has
the ability to tolerate 1 to 0 SEU, and for 0 to 1 SEU, is
unable to act. In RHBD
The Quatro-10T memory cell reduces only 1 to 0 SEU by relying on
a negative feedback. In RHBD 11T memory cell is reported,
which is still the stored value by blocking the feedback path to
prevent the induced transient pulse from affecting the following nodes. Nevertheless,
for this RHBD 11T memory cell, due to the single-ended structure,
differential writing and reading capabilities are not enabled, which may
Increase your operation time.


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