realism is
derived the Greek words ‘RES’  which
means real which further is related to object

Aristotle is recognized as the Father of Realism. To understand the philosophy
of realism, it is

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necessary to examine the conditions prevalent in the middle Ages. In the center
age the

 academic and unreal information was the arrange
of the day in Europe. so there was a wide

opening between the real being and culture.

Realism is  a movement that  originated in 
the moment  half of 19th  century in

France, Realism means portraying things and relations, as  clearly 
as  the true 

world  by portraying the inner essence of
things, not delving   into   fantasy or romance.  The

time of realism extends between the unsuccessful March 1848 revolution and the
beginnings of

Bismarck’s rule. About   1850 to
1890  . This period saw many other
literary trend that existed

part by part, such as usual. and another things that  Realism is  
a teach of idea   in international

relations   theory,   in theory  
reserved   the right politic
statesmanship of before time modern

Europe. while a very unlike body  
of   thought, it be able to
attention of as joined by the hope

 that humanity   political  
beliefs   eventually is all the
time and automatically a field of

argument between actor pursue   power
and  realists are of three kinds in what
they  take   the  

resource   of   in  
eliminable   conflict to   be. old realists consider that it follow
from human

nature, neorealist focus winning the construction of the anarchic state way,
and neoclassical 

realists  believed  that it is a 
effect of a grouping of the two 
and  certain  household 

and perspectives that called realism, and realism mostly about power and
security  state  look

for power and security  because they
exist in self help system everyone look for security and

status and most all and realist would say you seek autonomy because in the
world where you

can in no way trust anyone you don’t want to be interdependent liberals  principle in

interdependent think that it leads  to
peace but realist tend to  be very
skeptical about

interdependent because who want to be equally dependent in a world really today
your friend

is a( friend )and for tomorrow could be 
enemy  and that true you never
know who is going to  

be aligned  against you down in the road
and a new question that must be think its 
a how

much is enough power ! , and realist see the humanity  in conditions of tragedy and evil and

there is no natural agreement of interest in the world realist understand that
so you have to

live with multiplicity and particularly science the end of the cold war have
been all about

promoting democracy and human rights  and
then Whilst there are several variants of Realism

all with a little different ideas, all form of Realism share the same values of
statism, survival and

self help. Statism is the idea that the main actors within international
relations are the

sovereign states and that there is no community beyond state boarders. state
are only

interested in rising their own state security and gaining power. Due to the
international system

being anarchic, there is no self-governing body to maximum the ways in which state
go about

gaining power. conflict  or war  is therefore seen as an inevitable part of alive
in an anarchic

world for Realists who believe that conflict  will always exist , and  It is the leaders that

implement foreign policy and their beliefs will involve the way they want their
nation to relate

with others. for the reason that leaders can select their individual actions it
is good to be able

to get into relation the leaders view and ideologies. With realism one would
not be able to

complete this by just looking at the state. The state has no feelings and no
perception. One

leader’s ideas can change the course that the nations take. One clearly  example is Gorbachev –

is a is a Russian and former Soviet union politician-. These type of
ideological change stem from

change view on the part of the leader. If a leader feel that another state is a
risk then the state

perceives it as a threat due to the projection of these behavior to the state.
Power will always

be a major determinate in allocate threat but the proposal that goes along with
the power

decide the perceived risk. This allows for nation that are associates to appear
lower on the “risk

list” than nation that do not have nearly as much power. These nations’
ideas fixed with their

potential power can become the largest threat …

Realism in international relations is mostly centered
on practical person assumption of human

being activities. The realists believe that human actions is often associated
concern about self

and individual passion and needs, and more specially, the being there of wickedness
in individual

beings. They suppose that known the environment. Human themselves, would bring
out evil events beside others.  realists

typically provide prime emphasis to selfish passion and the terrible
rate of against in all following be active these obsession are not possible to
take away conflict is usual  

supposed humanity in which man no longer arrange themselves in

group for purpose of divergence. Donnelly continue by saying that anything
their new

disagreement, realists are common in asset that individual life contain an
ineradicable center of

insensitive passion that these passions identify the middle problem of policy;
that the

states is subject by the want to manage this region of human being nature

Kelly-Kate S. Pease (2012) lays away 4 major assumption
of realism relate  to the learn of

 international relations. As follows

 The location  is the leader
factor  in inclusive relations . explain,
realists witness the

organization as a state subject one. This have been the place since 1648, through
the Peace of Westphalia, someplace of European power come

collectively to finish different war as the thirty Year War. In this assembly,
they decided to the

thought of state power, anywhere no external performer can utter the familial
or strange

policies of an additional  And because
the Treaty of Westphalia, a group of in the realist camp

have argue that state, owed to their armed and fiscal power during arms, money have

most pressure in international relations.


 A second speculation of realism that many
realists at slightest natural realists believe is that The

state is a unitary and rational actor while  realists identify many actor in theory all of

conflicting view are eventually included during state structure so that the
state speak with one

voice go on to clarify  identify goal and
preference and seminal their comparative importance. The state is also


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