r sir or madam, I am writing to you because I believe I am capable of becoming an ASPIRE senior perfect for enjoyment since I think that I am able to be a supportive and helpful leader over the prefect team as well as being able to carry out instructions from ASPIRE captains as well as staff, head students, sports prefects and other member of my prefect team. I belief I would listen to everyones voice and make it herd

I believe I want to become a prefect as I see this is a great opportunity to contribute back to the school from which I have taken a lot from. And I also believe I have the qualities required of enjoyment prefect as I am reliable, never down and am prepared to carry out duties to the best of my ability. I am confident that I can set a good example to all students in the school, as I am mature and always follow our school motto of ASPIRE.I think I am the ideal candidate because, I am punctual with an attendance record of 100% this term which marks me out as a reliable candidate who would not let the school down even on snow days.I think this would build my self-esteem even more. My termly school reports have always been positive with a average score of 4s

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Outside of school, I am also committed to my extra-curricular skills even further. I have been swimming since the age of 4 and I now finished learning how to swim and gained gold award for swimming and life saving.All of the above activities have allowed me to gain experience in interacting with a wide variation of people, working as a team and develop a sense of responsibility and commitment. I believe I am prepared to take on the extra responsibility of being a prefect. I take great pride in my appearance, I would say my uniform is always to the correct standards and I always have the equipment required for the day. I think being a prefect would help improve my skills and qualities as well as others. Thank you for spending the time to read my application.


I'm James!

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