SWOT (Weakness and problem solving)

There are numerous shortcoming in AirAsia Company. With AirAsia reliance on IT, there is a risk of structure interference in view of AirAsia’s overwhelmingly reliance on online arrangements. Nonetheless, any flight deferral or calling their customer line to assert booking would demonstrate that AirAsia’s structure isn’t adequately generous to manage booking productively. With the goal that AirAsia will misfortune the client and it will cause the sureness and satisfaction levels drop, affecting benefit.

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AirAsia utilizes the capacity to use data innovation and other dispersion channels, to bring down conveyance costs. It can be imitated by contenders with substitutes and isn’t uncommon. For instance, in spite of the fact that AirAsia was the principle aircraft to utilize e-ticketing, contenders will run with a similar method to perceive how fruitful it was.

AirAsia does not have its own particular support, repair and redesign (MRO) office. Besides, it is a decent methodology with the center and few planes simply need to keep up when AirAsia getting their first enterprise which just in Malaysia. Regardless, with those couple of center points that the one arranged in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia with more than 100 planes that possessed via Air Asia as of now and another 100 planes which wanted to be getting in future next couple of years.

Meanwhile, AirAsia gets numerous objections from the client on their organization. Instances of dissents are around flight delays, being charged for plenty of things and not prepared to change the flight or get a markdown if customers couldn’t make it.

There are a couple of approaches to enhance the issue in AirAsia Company. AirAsia would need to dependably put resources into mechanical hardware, and associations with maintaining and serve its gigantic system of organization backups and offshoot that bringing about higher expenses.

AirAsia likewise needs to always remain mindful of the quick pace of innovation headway and find other creative circulation channels to remain in front of contenders. For instance, AirAsia should place assets into development and update servers. This is only an ability that gives here and now upper hand.

In any case, AirAsia needs to take honest to goodness exercises of assertion. For instance, predictable of upkeep of planes with keeping up the general costs low. This is an engaged burden that AirAsia doesn’t have it’s own particular having a position of MRO office which causes various difficulties.

In conclusion, it is essential for AirAsia to have a decent client administration and administration when the market contention is progressively extraordinary. Besides, this is furthermore due to don’t have many courses when contrasted with advertise pioneer. Which mean AirAsia can’t give many fly timetables appeared differently in relation to the MAS for example. Additionally, AirAsia has a firm rivalry on its part.


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