Question? What will the world be like in the years to come? With the rapid growing technology crimes are rapidly growing, the internet is an overwhelming powerful tool to commit digital crimes. The internet is clearly a double edge sword which can improve your life as well as destroy your entire world. Digital crime includes acts in which you use a computer or a network to harm someone else either by stealing data, plotting a virus, hacking someone’s computer etc. Computer or cybercrime may include broader terms like hacking, copying of copyrighted material, child grooming, stealing and misuse of Confidential/private information of someone else, making a computer virus or a bug or a malware with a intention to plot at someone’s computer, digital crimes are badly affected to all area of the society and the world. Therefore, to prevent from those threats we should know about those crimes and how those are happening, how overcome those crimes. Digital crime is becoming a big problem in our world today. Many of these crimes affect our jobs, our money, our community and our lives. Many people are being affected by fraud over the internet, the largest computer crime problem affecting local law enforcement representing the largest number of victims and the largest monetary loss will be Internet fraud, including fraud via identity theft/fraud. (strayer forecast 2)
It is critical that agencies take steps to prepare for computer crime investigation. Law enforcement at any level has the authority to step in. Agencies such as Iguardian, eguardian, should take an accurate look at their means and urgencies. Agencies should identify local computer resources. It is highly suggested that companies and organizations practice skills to mitigate issues before they appear, at my place of employment it is mandatory that we continuously implement improvement to secure all medical information which is very important. There have been many times where medical information gets hacked, I believe that if a company take step by step approach to verify information, being mindful of how the information is being handled especially confidential information, and at times hire a reliable and respectable external source to evaluate the business strengths and weakness having an outside view to simply see how the company is being viewed from the outside.

Personnel within the agency and adjacent agencies who have significant computer skills or abilities should be identified. They should also identify professional resources available to assist their agency in conducting local investigations. Department wide training should be conducted in the basics of common computer crimes. Key members of the department

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Most of the major challenges fall under the category of surveillance and intelligence but the total reform, restructuring and reorganization are not off the table. Redefining the police role in society can be noted that the homeland security came the same time in history as the community policing was dying down. One of the most critical challenges that law enforcement agencies face is the use of the internet for criminal purposes. There are several existing challenges that result from the independent nature of the law enforcement agencies within the


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