i[h1] n
the era of globalization, competition among universities increasingly stringent
so that quality improvement is required continuously. Indonesia
has many universities with different qualities. The quality is distinguished by
the accreditation value of BAN PT[h2] .
The accreditation of universities and their study programs, from 4,472
universities in Indonesia currently only 50 colleges have A accreditation and
accredited A study program of 2,512 (12% of 20,254 accredited study program[h3] ).
Supporting factors for college assessment are academic quality, quality of
human resources, quality infrastructure and quality of research.

First[h4] ,
efforts to improve the quality of academic services of higher education can be
seen from the quality of college academic service planning done by taking
strategic steps including team building, data collection (diagnosis),
formulation of strategic plan (laying of philosophical basis, vision and
mission formulation, objectives and values, analysis situation, formulation of
strategic policy, formulation of long term development plan, formulation of
financing strategy, and formulation of strategic control), discussion, and
socialization. then[h5] 
formulate quality documents, such as; Academic Manual, Academic Standards,
Academic Policy, Quality Manual, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at both
the University and Faculty level.

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Secondly[h6] ,
the minister of higher education research reveals that the problem of Higher
Education in Indonesia is the existence of quality disparity problems (SOURCE,
YEAR). The comparison between the increasing number of
universities in Indonesia is about 4,400 universities, not yet able to be
supported by the number of graduate lecturers master and doctorate, several
ways to improve human resources through education and training.

Third[h7] ,
the quality of the minimum building is class A, in accordance with Article 45
of Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 Year 2005
regarding National Education Standard, and refers to SNI[h8] 
construction issued by the Ministry of Public Works.Construction buildings can
last a minimum of 20 years, some standard of facilities perludiperhatikan such as Lecture Room
Standards, Library Standards, Information and Communication Technology
Standards, Laboratory Standards, Standard Room Assembly Final Task and
Multimedia, Standard Working Room Lecturers, Leadership and Meetings, Standard
Student Activity Room, Standard Cafeteria, Coffea corner, Means Sports,
Parking, and Parks.

Finally[h9] ,
Law Number 12 Year 2012 requires universities to implement the Tridharma
Perguruan Tinggi, which is to provide education, research, and community
service. Research as one of the activities that must be implemented in
universities should always be maintained the quality of implementation, the
resulting output, and its contribution to the needs of the community. To
achieve this, each university is expected to be able to manage research
activities that meet the following standards: research activities refer to
university research maps based on university vision and mission, research
activities planned, implemented, controlled and improved in accordance with
quality improvement system continuous research, based on the principle of
scientific autonomy and academic freedom, the results of research meet the
universal scientific standards are documented and disseminated through
scientific forums at national and international levels, and can be accounted
for morally and ethically, research activities conducted by a competent
researcher and in accordance with universal scientific principles, research
activities are supported by facilities and infrastructures capable of
generating reliable and reliable scientific findings and research activities
should positively impact on the development of the nation and state in b various

In[h10]  conclusion, to improve the quality
of higher education[h11]  needs to pay attention to the
factors that have been described continuously. so[h12]  that the quality assurance of
higher education service can be fulfilled and able to compete globally.

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 [h2]What is BAN PT?


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