Qatar has been considered as one of the important developing countries, based on its high economic growth, and worldwide investments. That huge growth is including all sectors and fields, which make the country contribute in various economical activities. Specifically, in the telecommunication sector, where Qatar played a great role in supporting the monopoly company Ooredoo- which used to be called (Q-tel)- to be the only and the best telecommunicating company, until another foreign competing company showed up recently called Vodafone. Previously, the historical statistics of using the telecommunicating company has showed the great increase in population along with the increase in the company’s performance, and that is an evidence of the country’s care of telecommunication sector as the health sector. Later on, the company was established in the year 1987, and luckily was included in the Doha Securities Market in 1998, where it used to control or hold several companies from different regions like Singapore, Indonesia and Oman. Company’s name was officially changed at the beginning of 2013 to Ooredoo. Nowadays, it has two different types of services, for businesses such as landline, cable and internet services, also for residents like internet and mobile services, consequently, the company highest revenue comes from the services that comes from the cellphone’s services. Moreover, Vodafone is the other telecommunication company that was established just recently and now is competing with Ooredoo. Vodafone was found in the United Kingdom by Peter Jones, then after a series of successful project he decided to spread his company till it reached the Middle East. Vodafone was launched in Qatar by the end of 2012, to let the community reach the company’s services and products, and they aimed to give all clients enjoyable and beneficial experiences. Vodafone is competing by offering unique services for individual and organizational use, and that is after opening their stores in the heart of Doha in 2013. The company supply mobile phones services, data and voice roaming, mobile phone accessories, Internet and sustainability requirements. At 2015, Vodafone became compliant to Qatar’s culture and Sharia, so they altered the operations that does not suit the society by operations that fits 100%. Therefore, there are some economic factors that would impact both companies that would help investors to make decisions, such as debt, profitability and market ratios.


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