Princes who chose love: modern royal mezalians One of the most popular princesses of the people celebrates today’s birthday. The story of an ordinary girl Kate Middleton, who became the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of the Crown Prince, and who has every chance of becoming the next Queen of Britain, is not the only one of its kind. The princes marry commoners not only in children’s fairy tales: we tell about the most beautiful and famous royal mesalliances of our time, Haakon and Mette-Marit (Norway) He: Crown Prince of Norway She: the waitress They were married in 2001 after a scandal. The royal family of Norway to the mesalliances is more than favorable – at one time King Harald V married the girl Sonia, the saleswoman from the store, who later became the beloved queen of Norway, so the problem was not at all in the simple origin of the future princess. The fact is that before the meeting with Hocon Mette managed to give birth to a son from a drug addict, and she herself in her youth indulged in prohibited smoking mixtures – such a biography the royal family could not rejoice at all. However, Haakon was adamant, claiming that Mette was his destiny. Only after Mette-Marit sincerely confessed her mistakes and assured herself that she was tied up with the past, she was forgiven and taken to the royal family. All gossip about the eldest son of the Crown Princess (the stepson of Prince Håkon) completely stopped when Mette-Marit in a very sincere and unexpectedly frank manner addressed public speech to Norwegian society and asked to respect the privacy of her child. Emmanuel and Clotilda (Italy) He: Prince of Venice She: actress September 25, 2003 Prince Venetian and Piedmont Emmanuel Filiberto de Savoy, a representative of one of the oldest European dynasties, known since the XI century, married the young French actress Clotilde Kuro. The wedding ceremony took place in the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Angeli, in which in 1896 the wedding took place the great-grandfather of the groom, the King of Italy. Parents of Emmanuel from the choice of his son were not at all delighted – in their future daughter-in-law they were embarrassed not only by the absence of blue blood, but also by the profession of the young Frenchwoman – the publicity of publicity, as you know, different. However, the prince himself was so determined that over time (and the novel of Emmanuel and Clotilde lasted more than three years), the members of the royal family still relented. And, as it turned out, not in vain – Clotilde is unconditionally devoted to her husband, supports the prince in all endeavors (the prince tries himself in the design business), gave birth to him two daughters, and a couple of years ago the couple adopted two boys from Kenya.


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