Prevention Perspectives
Prevention Perspectives
The article Prevention Perspectives: From Vermont to Washington discusses the healthcare efforts, which are meant to integrate preventive measures into the United States healthcare system (Heffernan & Albee, 1985). Psychologists play an important role in addressing behaviors and attitudes, which are important in the prevention of certain illnesses. The Vermont Conference, which was held in 1975 by psychologists to determine the primary prevention of psychopathology, was successful which led to another conference in 1976 (Heffernan & Albee, 1985). The government’s involvement of psychologists in researching the effectiveness of preventive approaches is a big step towards developing effective preventive strategies. This collaboration is important, as the government is able to provide the necessary resources required in the integration of preventive strategies into the healthcare system (Heffernan ; Albee, 1985).
The government is also able to support psychologists in their research through the provision of important resources. The government is the largest financier of healthcare in the United States, which will ultimately benefit from the implementation of effective prevention strategies into the healthcare system (Heffernan ; Albee, 1985). This will be in terms of using cost-effective prevention strategies as well as a reduction on the resources used in addressing some of the health care issues, which could have been prevented (Heffernan ; Albee, 1985). The involvement of healthcare professionals in the research on preventive strategies is also important in tracking on the effectiveness of the implemented preventive strategies as well as developing future preventive measures (Heffernan ; Albee, 1985).

Heffernan, J. A., ; Albee, G. W. (1985). Prevention perspectives: From Vermont to Washington. American Psychologist, 40(2), 202-204.

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