Tourism is growing faster day by day
over the world. It can also be the major source of foreign earnings and can
also be a part of employment for many developing countries (Haque, M. A.,
Islam, F., 2015, PP 23-32). Tourism is a leisure activity and a great way of
recreation. Tourism is mainly the movement of people from one place to another.
Two basic elements of tourism are the destination and the stay. In short,
tourism means the business of providing information, transportation, accommodation
and other services to travelers (Rahman, M. L., Hossain, S. M. N., Miti, S. S.
& Kalam, D. A., 2010, pp. 65-75). Tourism
can be defined as one or more nights away from home, or a day trip of over 40
km, includes foreign and domestic travelers, includes many industries, e.g.
accommodation, attractions, food and beverage, recreation, culture, entertainment,
transportation, retail. As Bangladesh is blessed with beautiful natural
resources so it has so many potential in tourism sector. With that we can
easily earn so many foreign currencies which can increase our GDP
significantly. Beyond Cox’s Bazar and Sundarbans, Sylhet is in the third
position of the ladder of priority of tourism sector in Bangladesh (Rahman et
al 2010, pp.
65-75). Bangladesh has an attractive natural environment and many
historical-cultural places, which can be potentially utilized for the
development of tourism.  Sylhet region is
growing faster in tourism industry in Bangladesh. Sylhet is situated in the
northern-eastern part of Bangladesh. Nestled in the picturesque Surma Valley
amidst scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests, greater Sylhet
is a prime attraction for all tourists visiting Bangladesh. About 80 km. from
Sylhet town, Srimangal, which is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, is the
actual tea center of the area (Haque, M. A., Islam, F., 2015, PP 23-32). Though,
Sylhet has good potential to be developed and promoted as one of the
sustainable tourism destinations in Bangladesh, however, a large gap is exists
to reach there. The major reasons behind this situation are lack of local
peoples, policy makers, and tourism service providers’ awareness about
sustainable tourism, its benefits and its positive impacts on the Sylhet’s
natural environment, cultural heritage, local economy, and society (Jahan, N.
& Amin, M. R., 2014).

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quality and quantity of research works in our country on this sector is very
poor. In this situation, as a small but pleasant part of the nation, tourism
sector of Sylhet region has not gained much attention in research as well as in
actual development. In fact, Sylhet has a bright prospect to develop its
tourism sectors as its treasures whether it is going to be a worrying situation
in absence of proper plan and realistic steps. In my research, problems of the
tourism sector of Sylhet region would be investigated and after this with the
empirical experiences, solutions would be provided. Tourism would increase the
mobilization of economic condition which will expand the scope of employment in
this area.  Thus, another potential area
of income will be established and it will play a tremendous contribution in our
national economy. If the problems can be solved and congenial situation for
tourism in Sylhet area are established, it would attract the foreign visitors
fabulously because this area is well known for dealings with foreigners. Thus,
our socio-Economic condition and image will be boost up. Furthermore, this
research would play a vital role to develop the tourism sector of Sylhet and
through this it will contribute to the national development process of



             Sylhet have some great potentialities
to be one of the best tourism places in Bangladesh. Sylhet is mainly the land
of fascinating hills and tea gardens. Other focuses of Sylhet are: hills,
waterfall; museums, lalakhal etc. are the main focus for the tourists. Every
year many foreign tourists as well as our countries’ tourists come to visit
these places. Young generations are more interested in Sylhet’s tourism. They
want to discover and know new places to enlarge their knowledge. The
transportation system, and most importantly the border area of Sylhet give it
the most potentialities to become the best tourism place.

other vacation destination of Bangladesh are: Cox’s Bazaar, the longest
unbroken clean and sandy beach in the world; Sundarbans, the home of the majestic
Royal Bengal tigers; Dhaka, the capital known as the city of mosques and
Muslim; Rangamati, the heart of the panoramic lake district; Chittagong, the
largest port city of the country and known as the city of shrines; Mainamati,
Mahasthangarh and Paharpur. These places are also very important for
Bangladesh’s tourism. But some factors like accommodation, transportation,
safety, economical condition etc. all of these factors are concerned in these
visiting these places. On the other hand these places are well known to all,
and there are new things in these places. But day by day Sylhet is becoming
known to all and we all are fond of new discoveries.


             The significance of tourism is
viewed from many angles like economic, social, cultural, political, etc. I have
gone through about some concepts of Tourism in Bangladesh. But these short
concepts do not contain all information for discovering the tourism potentials
of a destination. Sylhet is one of the most beautiful and historical place of
Bangladesh. It has huge potential to explore the tourism sector. There is a
huge potentiality to develop border tourism in Sylhet with the adjacent parts
of India. Even it can easily attract a large number of local and foreign
tourists for its unique features and earn a large amount of foreign exchanges.
This paper intends to identify the tourist products of Sylhet, what strategy
and guidelines are needed to develop the destination at the international
standard. This paper will assist stakeholders to identify the potentials of
tourism development and will also help others for further investigation in the




Two types of
method for collecting data are:

Primary data

Secondary Data


          For primary data I will conduct some interview
who has already visited Sylhet. I will also do survey related to Sylhet
tourism. At the time of collecting data I will consider gender, income,
educational level etc. to know what sorts of people are more interested in


          Secondary data will be collected from
the various travel magazines as well as articles available in the websites. I
will be using Google for searching various PDFs which is written on the
potentiality of tourism development in Sylhet. 
I will also do literature review for the secondary data. I will go
through some books for more information about tourism. I will also use
Newspaper and Journal for collecting other secondary data.


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