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LifeLine Pte Ltd, a local based company established in 2010, we are one of the trusted healthcare product retailers in Singapore. We are in collaboration with many healthcare distributors, manufacturers and hospitals in Singapore. We provide affordable and quality healthcare products. Our range of products are updated weekly in store and daily online.

Company Mission

We aim to be recognised as one of the preferred healthcare retailers to our Clients, Business Associates and Greater Public. Our values define who we are and what we want.

Company Values

L – Leadership
I – Integrity
F – Fulfilment
E – Expectation
L – Loyalty
I – Innovation
N – Nurture
E – Excellence

Objectives of Proposal

It is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. In others words: “Prevention is better than cure”.


Analysis of Current Situation

Singapore is ageing at a rapid pace

Singapore has one of the fastest aging population in Asia-Pacific Region and the number of people age 65 and above will be doubled by year 2030.

Please refer to Figure 1 & 2 for the recorded statistics.

Figure 1 – Singapore is Ageing

“According to statistics, Singapore is one of the fastest ageing societies in the world. By 2030, one in four people, or more than 900,000 people, will be aged 65 and above, double the number now.”

Figure 2 – Ageing is taking place at a rapid pace

“There is an exponential increase in the number of 65 years old Singaporeans in 2020 and the number of 80 years and above Singaporeans in 2030”.
Problems faced

Old Age Support Ratio Is Falling

Many elderly have been living alone with no friends or family, slowly they fall prey to loneliness and dementia.

Most of them, especially those living alone are left unattended for a prolonged period of time. In cases of medical emergencies, they are often left undetected which result in delay in treatment and some undiscovered death at their residence.

It has been said that dying with dignity is one of the foremost concerns in the minds of these elderly folks.

Health Conditions Related to Aging

1. Risk of Fall
Elderly has an increase risk of fall due to their physical health conditions which affect their strength and balance.

2. Deterioration of Hearing
Elderly has an increase rate of hearing loss due to their physical changes in the ear. As you age, the outer ear canal thins while earwax gets drier and sticker which increases the risk of impacted ear wax.

3. Impairment of Sight
Elderly has an increase rate of visual impairment as the normal function of the eye tissues decreases. Demographic studies have shown that age is the best predictor of blindness and visual impairment.

4. Dementia
Elderly may become forgetful as they age and there is any increasing rate of developing dementia in them.

5. Social mobility
Elderly accompanied with ageing problems has an increase risk of decline in mobility, potentially resulting them in a situation where they become confined at home.

6. Heart Attack
Elderly has the risk of developing heart attack due to their social mobility and the key of reducing the risk is to prevent it.

7. Healthcare
With the increasing ageing population, there is a need to increase in Healthcare providers and services to cater to the needs.

Name of Product

D-Tag (Sounded as “Detect”)

Image of Product

Description of Product

It is a multi-purposed watch which has various features and functions. We would like to specifically highlight on the distinct feature on the Heart Rate Monitor feature which is linked to the Emergency Activation to next of kin, healthcare providers or hospital.

Features & Functions of Product

No. Features/Functions Description
1. Time D-Tag can be in 12 hours or 24-hour format.
2. Interface D-Tag comes with a big LCD display which enables consumers to have a better gasp of the time.
3. Water Resistance D-Tag equipped with IP68 standard which is fully waterproof. Consumer do not have to remove it during swimming, showering or other water activities as it is water resistance.
4. Step Tracker D-Tag can record the daily steps taken.
5. Heart Rate Monitor D-Tag heart rate is monitored using an optical sensor at the back of the watch to continuously read the pulse through the skin.
6. Build in GPS There is a build in GPS function with google map location.
7. Emergency Activation The distinct feature of D-Tag is the Emergency Activation to next of kin, healthcare providers or hospital. Whenever it detects an abnormal heart rate or no reading, it will be activated automatically to the stated number recorded.
8. Language Translation D-Tag has a simple language translation feature using voice command.
9. Battery D-Tag has a long battery life which it only requires charging every 14 Days.
10. Personal Data Input D-Tag allows input of basic personal data.
11. Local Warranty D-Tag carries a one-year local agent warranty.
12. Body Materials Polycarbonate

Implementation Plan

We have collaborated with a watch manufacture in the production of D-Tag.

We would like to request to set up few retail counters free of rental at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. We will have our own staff to station at the retail counters in promoting the official launch of D-Tag.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital will be the sole distributor of D-Tag for a 6 months period. To promote the inauguration of D-Tag in the market, all watches sold during this period will be imprinted with “TTSH” as shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3 – D-Tag/TTSH

We would like to propose 50% of sales proceeds during this period towards the funding of “Institute of Geriatrics and Active Ageing” under Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Marketing Plan

The retail price of D-Tag is about S$100 per unit.
During the 6 months promotion period: –
1) Consumers will be entitled to a 10% on site discount;
2) Consumers age 65 and above will be entitled to a 20% on site discount. ?

In view of the ageing population in Singapore, we need educate the awareness and readiness of elderly. We need to let the elderly know that they are not alone, we care for them. D-Tag will be a device to monitor them and the emergency activation would be a LifeLine to them.


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