Pool is a sport that has very many different forms to it. There’s eight ball which is just a regular game of pool. There’s nine ball where the players only use balls 1-9 and the cue ball. And then there’s three ball where the players only use three balls. There are many more different forms of pool/ billiards. The game stretches out all across the world as a sport and a hobby.
Pool/ billiards originated in Italy and France in the early 1400s. In the 1700s they added pockets and obstacles. Now the most common game played in pool is the eight ball. The game eight ball is more common in the United States. The point of the game is to claim a suit. There is two different suits of the balls. There is stripes and solids. The balls are numbered from 1-15 and then there’s the cue ball. Once the players have claimed a suit of balls they have to try to make all the balls in that suit in to the pockets on the side and corners of the pool table. While trying to make all the balls in the pockets they have to try to keep the other player from doing so. Once they have made all the balls their suit they have to legally knock the eight ball in the pocket that they called. While trying to make the eight ball in to the pocket they can’t make the ball into the wrong pocket or pocket the cue ball or they automatically lose the game.
The nine ball game is a rotation game. They only use the balls 1-9 and the cue ball. The player must make contact with the lowest number ball on the table or a foul is called. The game is won by legally knocking in the nine ball. At the beginning of the game the player racks the balls in a diamond shape with the nine ball in the middle. The players flip a coin to decide who will break the rack. Once a player knocks in the nine ball he or she wins the game. The balls left on the table do not hold any points. A player can pocket 8 balls and still lose if the opponent pockets the nine ball first.
Three ball is a standard pool game that only uses the 1, 2, and three balls. Three ball is a folk game of pool. The object of the game is to pocket all three balls with the least amount of strokes. The play remains playing until he or she has pocketed all three balls or has reached the point limit. One point will be added to you with every stroke you make whether you pocketed no balls or one ball or more than one. Once that player has reached their point limit or have pocketed all three balls it goes to the next person in line. Once they start to play they have to re rack the balls and try to pocket the three balls. At the end of the game the player with the least amount of points wins the game.
Pool/billiards stretches all across the world. The game pool has a variety of different games within it. There’s three ball, ten ball, nine ball, and the most common is eight ball. Many different people play for fun or as a hobby while other people play in tournaments. The rules of playing each game is similar but also different. Pool/billiards is a sport that takes concentration and it is very time consuming. It takes skill to be able to knock each ball into a certain pocket.


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