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Solar cells             

Using solar power has an advantage as it is not harmful to the
environment because the energy that is used comes from the sun.
It is also sustainable, which means it does not runout unlike fossil
fuels or any other non-renewable resources.
It reduces the amount of greenhouse effects released in the
atmosphere which makes it an alternative resource.

A disadvantage of using solar power is that it disposes waste that is
harmful when it is used frequently.
However, considering that the source of energy is becoming popular,
this means in the future it could become harmful to the environment.
Additionally, solar power work at the disadvantage where if there’s
no sun, there won’t be any power supplied as it depends on how shiny the sun

wind power

Wind power releases clean energy as it does not need fuel for the
turbines to work. This makes it a renewable energy resource because it can be
used over and over again.
It can be used everywhere as long as it is in rural areas where they
need a lot of power supplies to maintain their farm lands.

The higher the wind, the more power generated. This means if there
isn’t steady wind, there is no electricity.
This type of power supply is expensive as it depends on the
government to make sure they are located in fields where they do not affect
the land.

Hydroelectric power

It is a renewable source of energy which makes it sustainable. This
also means it is less expensive because it does not run out.
Hydroelectric energy is a clean source of energy because it does not
need any type of fuel to work. This means the energy source does not
contribute to the greenhouse effect.  

Causes environmental damage as a lot of water is required to keep the
plants fresh and alive. This might cause other species to relocate as there
will be lack of water.
Expensive to build because they are power plants which require high
maintenance. This means it only lasts for a few years before it stops
The construction of power plants is highly risky as it could lead to
drought because lack of water in dry lands can leave people not having access
to electricity. 

Nuclear reactors

Nuclear reactors produce low cost electricity because the energy used
changes to different forms until it is generated into homes and industries.
Small amounts of greenhouse gases are released which means there a
fewer emissions.

Nuclear reactors are related to uranium which is a harmful to the
environment if not used adequately.
They release radioactive isotopes such as alpha particles, beta
particles and gamma particles. This means it caused impacts to living



There are different types of energy sources that are used to produce
energy which is then turned into electricity. These different types of sources
contain a variety of percentages when it comes to efficiency. Efficiency is the
useful energy used to make a machine work. This efficiency can determine the
amount of energy that a machine can provide. Therefore, this is useful because
some of the power supplies require high voltage.

For example, a solar power is powered by the sun which means without
the sun, the solar panels will have low amounts of energy which means there
will be low power transmitted.  Whereas
with hydroelectric power works with water from dams. Hydroelectric power
contains an efficiency percentage of 80, which means it does not produce any greenhouse
effect gases. However, there is a disadvantage with using hydroelectric power
which is the cost. It is expensive to build up dams that will only store water
to use as a source of energy. Additionally, if there isn’t enough water, the
turbines might not work which means there will not have electricity transmitted
into homes or industries.

Some of these energy sources that are used to produce
electricity have really low efficiency which makes it really expensive to
generate electricity using the sources.  For
example, biomass power has an efficiency of 35% which means it is a renewable
gas that is sustainable as the energy lost is turned into other forms of
energy. Additionally, it is sustainable because it produces less air pollution
compared to the fossil fuel power station. This means that it is easy to get
biomass gases as it is power made up of biological material. However, the disadvantage
is still the fact that it contains insufficient efficiency. This makes it
expensive as there are different forms of energy produced as wasteful energy.



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