Personal hygiene is very important as this shows how clean an individual is and appearing physically presentable. Personal hygiene can check the control of virus and infection and the stopping the presentation of offensive body odour Where the individual is having regular bath, applying deodorant to hold perspiration, offering regular haircuts, if male having a good shave always. Making sure the individual is washing their hands after using the toilet or touching any dirty surfaces.

The effects of poor personal hygiene on health and wellbeing is many as varied. When an individual is does not have regular bath, the build up of sweat can give way to offensive scents especially the clothes are not washed. When the teeth of the individual is not brushed, the deposit of the food taken will rot and this will cause bad breath, swelling and bleeding gum also bacterial infection. If the socks and shoes of the individual is not hygienically taken care, could result in foot rot, fungal infection because of lack of aeration and changing and washing of socks and shoes. a Lack of proper hygiene leads to infections, offensive odour which is not good to the health of the individual and affect the individual socially, since others cannot put up with the stench.
Be able to support individuals to maintain personal hygiene

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