Person-centred care involves adapting a person’s care to their interests, capabilities, history, belief’s, values and personality. This helps them to take part in the things they enjoy and can be an effective way of preventing and managing behavioural and emotional symptoms of dementia. The following ways need to be considered when supporting someone at the end of their life and make sure its person- centred are; physical support- making sure everything is done with dignity and respect. Whether that’s to do with helping them mange/contain the pain they are going through, you’ve got to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Social support- providing them with opportunities to have conversations and relationships with other people. Supporting them but their families as well, not just in their last few moments before they’ve passed but after they’ve passed. Letting them know of different support networks out there that they can go to for help. Physiological support- providing emotional support to the individual and those they care about


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