In the developing world
one thing that remains persistent is the necessity for cures to a wealth of
different ailments and syndromes. The complexity of the human body appeals me
how so many tiny cells can work in combination to create a living, thinking
being. Some people may assume the role of treating patients mainly depends on doctors
and nurses within hospitals, but someone has to develop the treatments.
Significantly, biomedical scientists make new discoveries for treatment. This
career inspires me as it is an association of learning and practical work, both
of which I enjoy tremendously.

Working in the pharmacy as a dispenser has given me excellent communication
skills and feel that I am able to explain my findings clearly and carefully. I can
pay great attention to detail, I am very precise in my work and I have very
high standards when it comes to making sure my work has been done to the
highest standard possible. I am optimistic and passionate and keen to build
upon my career. From my work experience I also learnt the significance of
patient confidentiality as well as various developments of drugs. I like to
think cautiously and ask lots of questions about what I am doing whilst I work
to ensure that I do not miss something when carrying out routine drug tests and
logging my findings. I
am assured that this is a great advantage in pursuing a degree.

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Studying biomedical science at diploma level has
increased my understanding and enabled me to develop more methodical mind as
well as enhancing my observation and laboratory skills. IT and health and
social care have developed my analytical, management and problem solving
skills. I consider that this combination of subjects has given me skills, which
is a key to contribute a biomedical sciences degree.

To obtain a better knowledge into what Biomedical
Science requires, I organised a placement through my college North Manchester
Hospital Pathology lab for 28 weeks once a week where I had the opportunity to perceive
biomedical scientist in the lab. Doing so just drove my aspiration to enhance healthcare
further and made me more assured of the fact that I would like to contribute in
the progression of healthcare that is benefit in recovering the lives of many. Furthermore,
I also had the opportunity to examine various endoscopy and bronchoscopy
techniques in which the head nurse took samples (biopsies) from abnormal
tissues inside patient’s digestive tracts which were then tested for cancers,
by the biomedical scientists. This emphasised to me the prominence of the
biomedical scientist within the healthcare sector and made me recognize how important
the role they play within the health sector is.

Recreationally, I enjoy playing badminton
and love swimming. I like sports as it keeps me healthy and fit which is exceptionally
important for me. Moreover, I go to gym five days a week. I believe active body
makes a healthy mind if your body is unhealthy then it is hard to keep your mind
energetic as it is important for all students. I enjoy the pressure
and concentration required to take part in the sports.?? 


University life is an enormous and vital
step of my life. In which I would appreciate the opportunity to take a
challenge and move forward to engage and concentrate in studies. As I want to achieve
my determination of becoming a successful biomedical scientist and
this would be a step or level towards my dream which I could only make happen
by successfully completing my degree.  


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