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Differentiating country based on religion- Pakistan- Muslim country and India- predominantly Hindu
Caused by ‘Two-Nation Theory’ – This theory supported the proposal that Muslims and non- Muslims should be two separate nations- main ideology was that the main identity and unifying aspect of muslims in the Indian sub-continent is their religion rather than their language or ethnicity 
Population of undivided India in 1947- 390 million
After partition, India- 330 million
after partition West Pakistan- 30 million and East Pakistan(Bangladesh)- 30 million
1951 census of Pakistan showed- displaced persons- 7,226,600 (muslims who entered Pakistan from India
1951 census of India showed- displaced persons – 7,295,870 (hindus and Sikhs who moved to India from pakistan)
Newly formed govts.- unable to deal with migration of such huge number of migrants- massive violence, slaughter on both sides of border- estimates of number of death vary, low estimate- 200,000, high estimate- 2,000,000

founder of pakistan
Governor- general of pakistan 


political party established in the British Indian empire
original political goal- define and advance the Indian muslim’s civil rights and provide protection to the upper and gentry class of Indian muslims 
British- always attempted to pit the INC and All-india muslim league against each other


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