Own role and responsibilities, and those of others in the team:
? Ensuring that my team leader (my manager) has given me and my other team members instructions, direction for a task that needs to be completed.
? Complete all tasks when given a certain role within the team, for example taking pupils out on a school trip and being in charge of a certain group of children.
? Assisting teachers and working together efficiently to provide best learning experience for pupils.
? Preparing the classroom for lessons e.g. getting the books out
? My mentor/manager asking HER manager for any help or assistance needed, weather its classroom assistance or something simple similar to putting up displays.
whilst working in teams I have always respected and valued the knowledge and opinions of other practitioners. This is because in sequence, to have a good working relationship with them, you need to prove that you have measured their opinions and experience. If I am to respect my colleagues and appreciate their contribution to the team, I expect the same respect and gratitude from them to me. In addition most of my colleagues have had a great deal more experience than myself and are thus likely to be able to suggest good advice in situations I have had no experience of.


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