Over the course of centuries of war and countless medical conditions, amputation has become a necessary evil. Prosthetics had been developed as early as ancient times to be used in place of the phantom limb. A prosthetic is an artificial body part, most commonly arms and legs, used to replace a users amputated or lost limbs. Artficial limbs could be dated all the way back to 400B.C., a wooden core used to make a filler for an amputated leg (Norton, Kim M. “A Brief History of Prosthetics.” Amputee Coalition, Dec. 2007), and have advanced to the present where the wearer could control each individual finger, all with the sense of thought. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has been the main lead on this project, has had two of the most advanced prosthetics developed in todays time developed for them, the LUKE Arm, and the Modular Prosthetic Limb. Both of which have more developed strength, mobility, grip, etc.
Advanced prosthetics have been an asset in more ways than one, most worth noting its ability to get the amputees life back on track. To live your life in perfect health, and then to suddenly have a limb amputated from your body is surley enough to throw your life off track. Simple day to day tasks become more and more difficult, nearly impossible. Thats where advanced prosthetics come in, with an advanced prostheitc, the wearer’s prostheitc is able to particpate in the long list of activities conducted by its skin and bone equivalent. “In an experiment at the University of Pittsburgh, a woman with quadriplegia uses her thoughts to operate a robotic arm to eat a piece of chocolate…In a study at Case Western Reserve University, a man who lost his hand in an accident senses the texture of a cotton ball swept along the back of his prosthetic hand” (Norton, Kim M. “A Brief History of Prosthetics.” Amputee Coalition, Dec. 2007). These two individuals, were brought back the hope of a semi normal, life. Granting them thier lives back.


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