Our Mission:
To provide quality child care and stimulation services in a functional environment under the responsibility of highly qualified personnel, to form affectionate, loved, creative, cheerful and competent human beings during their early age.
Our Vision:
Provide a space in which children are given the necessary tools to integrate into society, a place where they will have the ability to gain institutional knowledge, become strong humans and gain confidence while applying their creativity.
Our pedagogical process is responsible for promoting the development of
children in a harmonious and integral way through environments, interactions and relationships, providing quality social programs that contribute to their grow and knowledge.
The empowerment of the development of each child by recognizing the moments of care where basic conditions, affection, protection, hygiene, support and growth are met.
The exchange and communication in our pedagogical experience enhances the right development and care process of each child.
The horizon of sense in front of the initial education, raises the empowerment of the development that does not response in a spontaneous way, this response demands an intentional action from the teachers that will generate and follow up on their pedagogical work. We imply accompanying, activities and expressions of early childhood through games, exploration and the artistic expression.
The attention given in the center is promoted and guided by an interdisciplinary team a coordinator, director, teachers, pedagogical assistants, psychologist or social worker, nutritionist or nurse and administrative personnel.
We are a center open to the community, that has a social context, values and is focus on the care of children in early childhood. Part of our job is to share responsibilities with the teachers, children, families, and the community to be able to build a common and coherent project that lead us to meet our goals.

Education and safety:
Is important to offer education in a protective environment.
The center environments must be built to favor the development, safety, welfare of all children to encourage activities on open environments, explore the physical and social world.
In the classrooms, cafeteria or play areas level furniture and proper spaces need to be adapted to the characteristics and conditions of the children to promote a powerful experience that will allow them to explore the world with confidence in themselves. Delimited spaces will give them security and large spaces will give them autonomy. The infrastructure, resources and appropriate materials are considered with particularities, the components contemplate the standards that guarantee a safe and knowledgeable educational environment.

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Family, Community and Social Networks:
The family is the scenario in which the integral attention of the child, their affection and social experiences are formed allowing them to develop and be ready for the world.
We believe that the role of training and accompany families, by guiding their work towards their child initial education, strengthens and enhances their capacities during the early childhood. The family plays a fundamental role in a child live.
The community also plays an important role in the child development, they contribute to the integral development focusing on generating mechanisms of participation and trainings that permanently exchanged relevant information on the lives of a child.

Health and nutrition:
From the point of view of comprehensive care, health actions and nutrition are carried out with the required quality, it is also a favorable scenario for formation of healthy living habits.
A nutritional development is important and is part of the integral development of the children.

Promote the assistance to workshops, seminars and conferences:
The workshops, seminars and conferences enrich the knowledge each member of the center has e and helps create an atmosphere of dialogue and collaboration among the people who visit and join the center. Attending any type of activity that will help continue building a professional training is welcome and mandatory for the staff members, director, assistant, staff members, teachers and administrative personnel.


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