In The Orville, the show begins with a team from the Planetary Union who are going to Sargus 4, which is a planet that resembles the 21st century Earth. At Sargus 4 you get a badge when you’re eighteen, and then you wear it for the rest of your life. They use these badges to rule out the good and the bad people. On these badges there are upvotes and there are downvotes. If you do something good, you get an upvote, and if you were to do something bad, you get a down-vote. This is what you call absolute democracy. When walking around town, people are able to see how many upvotes and downvotes that you have. Due to this people come up with different perceptions based on how many downvotes one has. Without needing any more information as to why or when they got those downvotes, the people start to see you as a bad person. For them, majority is the truth, and what the majority has to say is the only thing that matters. If it wasn’t for the badges, they wouldn’t have a prejudice against people based on their downvotes. Everyone would just make their perception on you based on first hand knowledge as well as their first impressions and how you are with them. Instead, they base their prejudices on what people have said or shared about you on the master feed. It creates a negative impact on society because since they are scared to have their own opinions on others or are scared to speak up because they don’t want to get downvotes. This results in them becoming followers of each other. For the Planetary Union time period, they think this is wrong and unfair. In their society, they select representatives who discuss issue and make laws. They base their perceptions on others if they have broken the law, but not based on how many tickets one has. They also believe that a voice should be earned and not given away. This is a prime example of how the pressures and prejudices of society have changed throughout history because from the Planetary Union time period to the 21st century Sargus 4, the change goes along with the use of technology. Technology has a very big impact on the perceptions of others because there are different social media websites. For example, the master feed is used by everyone in Sargus 4. It’s a continuously streaming opinion feed, and thus has a big influence on people’s perception of others based on what other people are saying, and not on what you have knowledge about. The outcome of this is that it is confusing opinion with knowledge because since there are so many voices at once, you are unable to filter out the truth.


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