OneOme is a Minneapolis based pharmacogenomics company founded in 2013 which collaborated with Mayo Clinic and Invenshure. RightMed® comprehensive test is the primary product in which OneOme offers that analyze genetic data from patients using PGxExpress product that is delivered in the form of comprehensive reports to the patients through Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM). It basically anticipates how a person will react to medications which is dependant the individual’s DNA.OneOme made it to the 22nd spot in the overall ranking and the second spot on the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech list for the reason that it benefits both physicians and patients by assisting to better define the most appropriate treatment for patients’ conditions and is the first step to bringing the benefits of pharmacogenomics knowledge to the bedside. Pharmacogenetic testing is now moving towards microarray technology which can screen more than 30 genes but OneOme provides only 27 gene alleles panel test due to lack of funding from the Mayo Clinic. According to our innovative idea we are suggesting OneOme to adopt new strategy to include more than 27 genes panel test which will improve the innovations and increase the company revenue share. Also, we recommend improving its financial status by expanding the business in other high-income countries which can be achieved by collaborating with other institutions and companies or outsourcing the new research and share profits with them other than the ones which is already collaborated with. The current features such as direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing are also need to be embraced.

OneOme is a healthcare technology company where its headquarters is located at Minneapolis, Minnesota. OneOme, is generated and got its license from Mayo Clinic which carries out pharmacogenomics covering 27 genes quickly and affordably by identifying the genetic characteristics that predict how each individual may respond to a drug whether its beneficial or adverse. The OneOme RightMed® comprehensive test covers drugs from a large and growing range of medical conditions. It includes common conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypothyroidism, pain management, heartburn, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, mood and sleep disorders. It even applies to many cancer medications for chemotherapy. OneOme has also developed an interpretive only report product for those clients who provide their own genotype or sequence data. Doctors are now better able to see which drugs might be right for each individual and which likely aren’t. All based on each person’s unique genetic makeup and clinical data. Before taking a prescription, take the OneOme RightMed® comprehensive test first 1
Collaboration History
Oneome was founded in the late 2013 as a joint venture of Mayo Clinic and early-stage venture firm, Invenshure. In mid-2016, OneOme had been focused on PGx interpretation services for patients at Mayo 2.
R&D pipeline of OneOme
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Recent highlights
OneOme is considered as 50th most innovative companies in Fast Company’s annual ranking of 2018. And surprisingly earned the No. 22 spot in the overall ranking and the second spot on the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech list.
In Fast Company’s annual list, it honors leading enterprises especially rising newcomers that represent the best in business and innovation. Fast Company therefore, recognize OneOme for its RightMed® comprehensive test which have embraced innovation and are working to make meaningful change that helps to identify which may or may not work best for a patient.

Financial highlights

Figure 1. Annual Sales of RightMed Comprehensive Test from 2015 to 2017

OneOme’s financial transparency and well-being is ranked 3rd in comparison to competitors: Caris Life Sciences, Pathway Genomics, Admera and AltheaDx. OneOme has raised approximatelt $6,390,832 since its founding in 2013. 6
RightMed Comprehensive Test Success and Failure
OneOme brings its customers an offer which is cost-effective. The RightMed® Comprehensive test together with the associated interpretive report costs $249. The success of OneOme’s RightMed® Comprehensive test is mostly because of its cost-effectiveness and is the most important project for the company as it goes forward with the collection and sharing of its cost-effectiveness data which already begun since the launch of its lab testing in larger systems. Paul Owen, CEO of OneOme said that the difference between $249 test and what can be saved in the long run is the company’s competitive edge for it is merely based on health economic studies. There is some strong evidence for the role of genetic variants that plays an important role in drug response and safety, motivating the formation of numerous new companies and services offering PGx testing and interpretation since pharmacogenomics hasn’t truly gained widespread use in medicine. Also, Right Patient Right Drug (RPRD) is launched that allows the advancement of clinical pharmacogenomic testing that starts with an array-based test that uses Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new PharmacoScan Solution and OneOme’s RightMed® Comprehensive test already tried it and was a success. 7
The biggest obstacle to adoption of RightMed® Comprehensive test is building confidence in providers that there is really strong science behind PGx approaches to drug prescription for the reason that there are clinicians who have so far failed to widely adopt PGx approaches to drug prescription. Though the CEO, Paul Owen could not share details about the firm’s number of customers or its test volume, he said that OneOme has great receptivity. 8
Even though OneOme has competitors who are putting level-3 and level-4 associations, international customers put an interest in OneOme’s RightMed® Comprehensive test since the launch of its RightMed® panel. In fact, OneOme already entered Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominical Republic with the help of partners with a provider in Guayanabo, PR called High Profile Laboratory. Also OneOme is already collaborated with Medcan which largest health clinic in Canada and also has agreements with systems in Thailand and the United Kingdom. 7

Strategy behind the Release of RightMed® Comprehensive Test
OneOme’s activities are divided into three tiers: the RightMed® test, the associated RightMed® interpretive report and RightMed® advisor which is an interactive database that customers can use to better understand and execute test results and interpretation for their patients. With this strategy, it allows a provider to look at a drug to drug interactions and to add their own drugs that a patient may be on which can be incorporated from health information network firm. As it has been doing with the Mayo Clinic in the ramp up to this new wider business launch, OneOme still offers interested customers an interpretation-only service for cases where patients already have genotyping or sequencing data covering some or all of the 27 genes in the RightMed® panel. Since OneOme is already doing the report-only interpretation, it has enhanced its strategy that have a larger panel wherein it can receive data from any company who is doing next generation sequencing (NGS) and as long as the company is doing all the 27 genes that OneOme covers, which most companies are, turn that into a report and offer access to the same tools built for RightMed®. Although the company could potentially build out even more comprehensive interpretation for patients with data outside the 27-gene panel, CEO of OneOme, Owen said that the company is currently only elucidate areas of the genome covered by its own test. As part of its interpretive report, OneOme only gives the results back with the information on gene-drug associations with level-1 or level-2 evidence supporting them. 8


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