Nowadays, we live in a society that obsessed with beauty. From the moment each of us sets foot on this earth to the day we die, we are taught by the culture around us that beauty means lives happily ever after, while the hideous witch or ogre is doomed to meet a grisly end. We grow older and the princesses of our bedtime stories make way for shimmering Hollywood stars and carefully made-up models in magazines. The message, however, remains the same which is “beauty is everything”. But as we strive for this indefinable perfection, we must ask ourselves what it truly means to have beauty and how much we are willing to sacrifice to obtain it. With all the big brand releasing their much anticipated products and some of them not being available in our countries, we tend to trust online shopping but is this safer? Shopping for cheap designer cosmetics might put you at risk and with social media playing a big role in this, many of these products are fake and more alarming could leave you with bad side effects. The beauty industry is exploding and with the youth trying to keep up with their beauty idols and catch up with trends, many are taking short cuts. These unregulated fakes can contain a lot of unregulated dangerous ingredients that we don’t know of and can cause massive damage.

Firstly, issues that dependably show up are about the purpose behind utilizing restorative that can influence the skin. The impact to the skin by utilizing restorative is one of the desires that fluctuate for the corrective client itself. The significance of restorative is normally to look more excellent and be sure. It likewise assumes a major job in the production of a picture or being adequate to other people (DeLong and Bye, 1990). In an in the interim, corrective use gives a huge effect to the skin of clients that come in great outcome and ineffectual outcome. As per (Rodda, 2004) an excellence advisor, he uncovered that a considerable measure of items in the market are unforgiving on the skin. Additionally, without utilizing a right insurance when utilizing restorative item, it can prompt influencing the skin to be more touchy. The skin will go on guarded, believing that it is being assaulted. Numerous individuals say they have touchy skin since skincare items, or family unit items that contact their skin, cause stinging, consuming, redness, or snugness. For the most part, individuals are worried about the condition on the skin and not pondering the impact to the skin. Restorative as an item that will guarantee the progressions on the skin ends up being greatly requested item that fills the role of satisfying human needs. Restorative use and the fixings in the corrective item assumes essential job in wellbeing. A recent report by Substance Safe Skincare Exploration found that the normal lady utilizes 12 toiletries for each day, in total containing up to 175 unique synthetic compounds. Since 60 percent of items connected to the skin are assimilated into the body, the normal lady ingests five pounds of synthetic concoctions every year through her beautifying agents. Numerous items available are not sheltered and powerful, including one of each eight high-SPF sunscreens that does not shield from UVA radiation as specified by (EWG, 2007).

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Second, the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands. Surely at some point in our life we have bought or at least thought about buying something that was not the real deal. They spend millions of dollars promoting their brand and doing all the right things with innovation and product development, only to have somebody create a substandard product with false branding. The loyal following created by heritage and start-up cosmetics brands alike have consumers seeking all avenues to get their hands on the latest products. Those seeking the enormously popular Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits are undoubtedly barraged with deals from traditionally trustworthy channels. There are presently over 300 results on Amazon for Kylie Cosmetics, while the brand clearly states on their website that these products are sold exclusively on the company’s website. Looking at the reviews of these products, you’ll find comments stating that the products smell like gasoline or that the product caused their lips to burn or stick together. Third-party ecommerce retailers are having trouble preventing counterfeit products being sold on their sites, so manufacturers will need to step in to help. While manufacturers are doing their best to protect their consumers from dangerous knock-offs and their own brand equity from the effect these horror stories have on their business, consumers should not rely on 3rd-party retailers to guard against counterfeit product. These 3rd parties cannot guarantee a product is authentic, untampered, stored correctly, etc. Unfortunately, it is the manufacturer’s brands that get tarnished as negative consumer reviews on sites get attributed directly to the product listings and not the profiles of the sellers. Amazon is working to combat this issue and has strict anti-counterfeiting policies that can immediately shut down a seller operation. However, as identical operations pop up in place of the ones that are shut down.

Lastly, the dermatologist added that the use of these fake products with at times unknown chemicals can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions like allergic reactions, heavy metal poisoning, arsenic poisoning, exposure to dangerous bacteria and skin cancer. Cosmetics are not a healthy choice, but one cannot stop using them. It is advisable to use the products in moderation though, and only when absolutely necessary. As Dr Javed said long term exposure can lead to the accumulation of toxic materials in the skin, which can cause skin cancer. The government should fulfil its responsibility to protect the public from harm by taking action against the sale and advertisement of counterfeit and cheaply made cosmetics. Skin Specialist Imtiaz Rao said that it was crucial to indicate the expiry date and provide other critical information on product packaging. Dr Rao advised adequate consuming conditions must also be clearly written on products together with the production dates. It is also crucial for buyers to read this information before purchasing and applying.

In conclusion, the effect of using counterfeit cosmetics are effect of skin, the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands and chemicals can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions. Its offensively clear that using counterfeit products are dangerous. My advice to everyone buying fakes online is to do your research first and consider whether it is worth it. Because getting a reaction from a replica makeup brand which can cause acne, dermatitis, eczema or even scaling is not worth saving a few pennies in my opinion.

Nowadays, people can get information from various media. Such as, radio, newspapers, internet, or television. But there are many people who think television is the worst invention in modern times. Even though many people think television is the worst invention, I believe there are many benefits that we can get from television.
Many people say the information on television is not quality even the accuracy is questionable. In fact, a lot of the latest information on television and its accuracy can be guaranteed. Like news on television related to politics, crime, health, and others.
Opponents also argue that there are people who cannot buy a sophisticated television because of poverty. But research shows that poor people prefer to get information from television. After all, to get the information we don’t need to buy a television that is too expensive. There are many televisions that are affordable.
It should be evident that the arguments against getting information from television are not valid. On the contrary, television is a great invention. Even though poor people cannot buy sophisticated television they can still get information from television. And, there is also accurate and reliable news. Therefore, in my opinion, the arguments mentioned above must be changed.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find young people that have a phone, but does not have any account of social networking sites on their phone such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat and whatsapp as the social networking brings more advantages than disadvantages to them. For me, I disagree with the statement that there are more advantages rather than disadvantage. Social networking can be considered as an iceberg. Some of the iceberg that we can see are all the advantages of social networking. But, the other part of the Iceberg, that we cannot see, hidden in the water are referring to disadvantage of social networking. The ‘hidden’ part are very bigger compared to the part that we can see, that can lead into a bigger problem. First of all, based on the United Nations, young people can be defined as combination of adolescence and youth. Adolescents are the persons that aged 10 – 19 years while youth as those between 15 – 24 years. So, young people are refer to persons that aged between 10 to 24 years old. Some of the reason why it is more disadvantages rather than advantages are it will exacerbate cyberbullying cases, reduces family closeness and decrease face-to-face comunication skills.

According to the Cyberbullying Research Centre, cyberbullying can be defined as a willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. So, cyberbullying is the act of someone who deliberately and repeatedly uses electronic materials for the purpose of harming others. Social media allows teenagers to communicate with all of their friends at the touch of a button, and this ability takes bullying to a new level. Without much effort, teens can reveal each other’s secrets or spread false information online, and the results can be devastating. In the worst cases of cyberbullying, a teenager’s reputation can be destroyed in a matter of hours, and the social fallout can push him or her to commit suicide. Based on researched conducted by Cyberbullying Research Centre, the rate of cyberbullying prevalence has changed over the years that we have studied this phenomenon. On average, about 28% of students who have been part of our 10 recent studies say they have become victims of cyberbullying cyberbullying at some point in their lives. Cyberbullying disturbance rates also vary between research studies we have done. On average, about 16% of students who have been part of the last 10 studies have admitted they have another cyberbullied at some point in their lives. So, it can be argued that almost everyone who has social networking will be involved with cyber-cases whether they become victims or become bullies.
The impact of social networking to the family is very powerful. Most often, technology can bring a negative interactions in family between siblings or parent-child. As humans, we are social by nature and wish for bonding within relationships. Although we feel that we are connected through social media, but it strips us of our ability to hear and see verbal and nonverbal messages. Based on a study conducted by International Islamic University Malaysia, urban families are being affected both positively and negatively. In terms of the positive effects, urban families indicate that social media have helped them improve their quality of life. In terms of negative effects, their families have been spending less on interpersonal interaction during meals, spending less on leisure time together, less sleeping time, and family members are less interested in family activities. The rural families, on the other hand, are affected by the social media in terms of negative influences only, namely, in reducing communication between them, experiencing strained relations among family members, and family members spending less time in resolving problems face-to-face. Whereas in fact, both rural and urban families get more negative impact from social networking in their life. So, social networking can reduces the closeness between family members.
Besides, social networking can decrease face-to-face communication skills. Lack of face-to-face communications induces people not to use verbal expressions and use proper body language. People are losing their communication skills when they’re constantly speaking virtually. You’re unable to convey facial expressions, tones and inflections when speaking on the Internet. Consequently, when you’re in person, you’re at a loss of what to say to someone who you speak with through technology only. In a recent research conducted by University of Maryland, it was found out that the rapidly growing new forms of communications, which are of course social networking sites, have resulted in the dying of interpersonal, or communication skills. They added that social networking sites do allow a person to communicate quickly and effectively, however it definitely takes a person away from reality by immersing one in the virtual world of communicating. This finding is somehow alarming because it seems like the emergence of social networking sites is threatening the conventional style of communication which is indeed essential in order for each of us to connect to one another in the real world, not just in the virtual world. So, it’s true that social networking is causing a lack of face-to-face interaction skills.

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Although some people find that social networking can help the introverts in communicating. However, for me it is very unhelpful but will have a worse impact on an introverted person. This is because, an introvert can not change from its original state to a better condition where they can communicate face-to-face and effective. For an introvert, using the site doesn’t always mean posting to it, she points out. Based on the studied that was done by P. Sheldon, she said that shy people and people who are more lonely use Facebook to pass the time. Her research shows that introverts spend more time there than extroverts do. Thus, an introvert communication skill will not develop. How about the hope of our country that wants young people that can communicating and lead effectively for the future? Will an introvert person always hide themselves behind social media? So, it is clear that social networking will have a negative impact on someone introvert because the development of their communication skills is limited in social networking only.

In a nutshell, no one can say for sure whether social networking give an advantages or disadvantages, it will continue to be a pivotal part of society. Even though one person might benefit from it greatly, another person could end up being hurt by it. There is no way to know which way it is going to go because everyone has their own perception of social networking and the benefits or drawbacks that it brings to the table. But for me, I’m pretty sure that social networking can gave us many disadvantages compared to advantages. Social media is, and will continue to be, harmful, unless something is done about it. The power it has over people is dangerous and often goes unnoticed. Avoiding from it must be very difficult. Especially in a circumstances where someone used it daily and shifts within a week. This is a very challenging task, but in the long run, you do not have to worry about being cyberbullied, reduces family closeness and decrease face-to-face communication skills.


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