Nowadays, there is no one who was not use a gadget like cell phones from old communication likes post mail to high technology that make the communication simple, fast and affordable. wherever people may go and whoever they want to talk. Cell phone make it easier to keep in touch to our family and friends. Communication is the most basic element of the society. And with the technology today people are able to communicate effectively and easily in just a click. Cell phones play important roles in communication nowadays. Not only in calling, we also use cell phones in communicating in social media. And it’s been a habit of people to use cell phones to interact in social media by sharing their thoughts, knowledge, opinions , and experiences. Like emergency situations, in case like forgot your keys at home, got injury and also improve knowledge could use phone to internet and learn something form it. In miss understanding in class, could use it to email your teacher as soon as possible and call classmate for help. And on events around the world, today all phones have new apps. With cell phones came the most useful invention, which was internet. The internet is a great tool as it allows anyone to find information on any of the imaginable topic in seconds. The internet allows to purchase or sell any product anywhere around the world. Social networking is even possible with the help of it people can interact with one another and can create new bonds. There are different kind of people in the world including shy, anti social and various others. Cell phones have many features, which allow shy people to interact with someone on internet without hesitation and increase their confidence. But there are certain factors that contribute and affects a person who is using a cell phone regularly and more often.

Nowadays, students have an unlimited access to modern technology and use them in most of their daily life. They are more prone in spending so much time in using the mobile phone technology, and the vast majority of them have access to world wide web, video games and many other forms of modern technology. With the increased role of modern technology in the student’s lives has come the increased concern about how teenagers might be affected. This action that developed from the overused of mobile phone might push them away from important social interactions that develop in-person relationships. A good family relationship is important for teenagers to have a good health and development. The more time spent on the technology such as television, computers, mobile phone and video games leads to a lower quality of attachment to parents. There was a high correlation between teenager’s technology usage and social interaction with their parents. Parents need to educate themselves about social media and the ways their children may use it, as well as the common risks, to help them understand and navigate around with the technologies. Moreover, not only the technology of mobile phones affecting the life of the students, but also the parents itself. Both parties’ perspectives are the same on the same issues discussed as mobile phones does not select an age restriction to make a person to get addicted to it. As the Manager of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, it is agreed that it takes to a many problem that could arise from the use of mobile phones on daily basis than it bringing benefits to the users. The advantages of mobile phones are increase the dependency to it and affect their communication skills in real life, gives a bad impact on studies among students, increase the health issues and accidents and gives an impact on their privacy life.

First of all, mobile phone increase the dependency to it and affect their communication skills in real life. Mobile diversion system includes a variety of activities related to mobile electronics including its basic mobile telecommunication, information transmission and texting messages. Having a mobile phones such as smartphones can indulge a person into having a medium such as social networking to connect with a larger group of people. For instance, parents, children, students and almost everyone uses social networking to stay connected with their friends and family members, also in getting to know someone new. It might be a little too easier to become addicted to their mobile phone, and so dependent on it makes them to forget to communicate in real life. Many of the people nowadays would straight up hitting their phones to communicate with their friends and families. They spent hours talking and chatting with their friends and families through mobile phones, that they forget the thrill to be talking with them face to face. Instead of the transmission of specific information being the crucial element of making a mobile phone call, in many cases the call itself is what is important. Keeping in touch while physically apart is an expression of intimacy. Through the mobile phone, people can be apart and yet very close. It makes people that are far from us to feel close, but make the people close to us to feel apart from us. Addiction to the mobile phone can cause problems in social life of individuals and interpersonal behaviors. Mobile phone addiction cause alsos serious problems for people in their social life and job. This is resulting in a strong correlation between problematic use of mobile phone and personality features a person possess. For instance, most of the people uses their phone to communicate with their friends and family but do not really want to spend some time to meet that person to talk in real life. Besides, having mobile phones not only increase our dependency on it, but decrease our social skills and relationship. It can make someone to feel that they can talk everything to anyone through social networking, but do not really can talk to anybody in real life. Mobile phones also make people to feel a social isolation when they are in the same place with someone that spent the whole time of eating together but holding their phone all the time and not bothering on trying to make conversation with the others. Some people that are addicted to their mobile phones because of mobile games will have a problem to ‘function’ in their daily life basis. They spent too much time with their phones playing games to the point that they skipped their meals or not taking bath because they feel like their mobile phones worth the time more than spending time for themselves. Dependency or addiction to the mobile phone, in a way that people lose their ability to control themselves to avoid the mobile phone due to the psychological aspects, is an example of this regard.
Additionally, mobile phones gives a bad impact on studies among students. It is no doubt that is it true that mobile phones can help students in studies but only if they use them wisely. But, most of the students become additive to mobile phones and are found playing games, chatting with their friends and watching movies and other stuff. The habit of playing with their mobile phones happened during the class session with the lecture time ongoing. This unapproved behavior is the result from having a mobile phone and getting addicted to it. Some students are too busy playing with their mobile phones that they missed the whole syllabus that the teacher is teaching during the class. Not only that, playing with their mobile phones during the class session also will disturb the other classmates that are trying to concentrate on the lecture. Some concern exists about the distraction caused by the use of mobile devices. Students may spend time texting, surfing websites or chatting online with their friends, which means that they are not paying attention to the teacher and in a result, therewill have a lower marks for the students who are distracted by mobile devices during a lesson, indicating that there is a loss of concentration if students are doing non class-related tasks. Not only the students are distracted by the usage of mobile phones during class session, but it is also possible that the instructor can be distracted by a student’s actions. When the students are busy keeping their eyes on their mobile phones at all times they do not get time for studying which would lead to poor grades. Plus, another concern of students having mobile phones and are using them during school time is that it the students tend to cheat during test or exams. They can easily take out their phones during test or exams and just search to look up for the answers. With the technologies at the tip of their fingers, they can just ‘google’ the questions through the web browser and there is a lot of answers can be taken from the internet. With web-browsing mobile devices, it is possible to look up answers to questions, use dictionaries and other sources of information.

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Furthermore, mobile phones increase the health issues and accidents. Mobile phones brings negative impact on health of an individual. When they are using mobile phone for long hours daily it might lead to serious health issues.Mobile phones act like a microwave transmitter bearing a cancer warning. Energy at millions to billions of cycles per second can do more harm than good and it has been reported that these frequencies cause cancer and several other diseases by intercepting in the body the nodes with cellular DNA and its repair mechanisms. This in turn promotes cell aging. Overused of mobile phones caused the corroding the nerves in the scalp. Not only that, it triggers memory confusion and memory lapses also headaches and whizzing sounds in the ear. The smartphones is one a source of the eminence of electromagnetic waves. There are studies that have been conducted in the past years to identify the effect of electromagnetic waves emitted from the cell phones on human health. Many people are having migraines and tired eyes from looking at their phones for such a long time.Hunching over your phone screen for hours in the dark can strain your eyes. It affects the eye sights and holding the phone for a long time can caused strained muscles with backaches and neck aches. Mobile phones is a hand-held device and many of the users complain of feeling a discomfort at least on one area of upper extremities, back or neck. Long-term usage of the device leads to additional tension on tendons, muscles, and perimetric tissue, which could result in visual display terminal (VDT) syndrome. In the similar studies on working with desktop, so it is advisable to have regular rest periods, stretching, and exercises after using their mobile phones for some time. In addition, mobile phones lead to a lot of car accidents. A lot of people do their daily work, drive while taking on mobile phones. There is high risk of accident if you are talking on the mobile phone and driving as you are giving your half attention to the mobile call and are having half attention on the road. The potential risk of using smartphones on drivers’ health is critical. A person who drives a car and simultaneously uses a smartphone is at high risk to get into the accident and damage own health or compromise life of passengers or pedestrians.Many road accidents cases happened due to the drivers are using their phones, either to text or calling someone while they are driving. Mobile phones usage during driving can cause the person to lost their focus from the roads and accidents happened. There are two main factors that contribute to unsafe driving which include of handling the phone, either dialing, answering, text messaging and the conversation introduced to the environment. Conversation involves big amount of the driver’s time and attention from concentration on the road. The drivers who carried on a cell phone conversation were so distracted that they went unaware of some traffic signals.As a normal human being, the drivers will become more emotionally engaged into conversation than if they listed radio or audio and, as a result, they became less attentive to safety signals and can cause road accidents.Plus, there had been numerous number of accidents of exploding mobile phones during the mobile phone is under charging and also, using mobile phone while filling their car fuel. These numerous incidents is increasing day by day but still, most of the people are still texting, and driving.

Additionally, mobile phone have impact on their privacy life. Mobile phones have penetrated into every corner of our lives, regardless of work and life. Today, we are inseparable from the cell phone. The development of smart phones makes wireless mobile life of people to a new stage. Lives are becoming colorful. Intelligent applications and efficient operations make the smartphone into a miniature version of the Tablet PC. Many important information such as privacy records, bank account, payment information, are beginning to be stored into the smartphones. These important information is at risk to be leaked and exposed when we accidentally lose our phones. The important informations, files and pictures can be exploited by the people that found the phone. Even when their phones are locked with a security lock or password, some mobile phones have a weak security systems and can easily be hacked to get access into it. Not only that, there are applications that can be installed in their mobile phone that can access the data inside the mobile phone, without the user are aware of it. Some of the applications are using sensors that is build in their smartphones and sometimes those apps could record with the microphone, monitor a phone’s location, take photos and then extract the data. These applications could do all of this without a user’s knowledge. It can also access the accounts such as email, passwords and once they have access to an account the perpetrator can fraudulently buy goods, transfer money, change passwords, or use a friends list to contact friends and family to harass them. Identity theft can also occur as the information they gain allow the perpetrator to pose as an imposter either online or offline either for financial gain or to humiliate the victim. Through short messages also, some people cheat or fool others by telling them that they have won some prizes. Also, taking advantage of people’s ignorance, some websites charge a good deal of expenses form short messages. This will put their privacy life at risk as those application can also track our location and hackers can hack into our phones to know our exact location at a time. All these informations can be abused and can put ones life at risk. Plus, many of the social networking allow the user to insert their location together with their posts. Revealing their exact location within their post could help the stalker or people that have bad intention to them to track their whereabouts. Some of new way of hacker to hack mobile phones is by sending links to everyone, which is know as phishing. Once the user click on the link given, this can give the hacker an access to their mobile phone, thus putting their privacy life at risk. Moreover, smartphones are connected to the Internet, so the mobile phone easily infected by the mobile phone viruses. Sometimes, the poisoning hazards can be big. Sometimes, it can be small. The viruses may cause phone crashing, shutting down, deleting the data, sending out spam and dialing telephone and so on. We must pay more attention to security risks from the smart phones. Otherwise, the loss may not only money, but may also be personal privacy even more important things.
In a conclusion, the usage of mobile phones need to be controlled to avoid addiction. People need to learn how to socialize without cell phones. The dependency on mobile phones are making the youth to be socially awkward and not really trying to make conversation with the people around them. In order to have a quality time with their families and friends, encourage your friends to pile the phones in the middle of the table during the meal and whoever touches or grabs their phone has to pay for the table. This is a fun activity that can help to strengthen their bond and improve social interaction between them. Meanwhile, mobile phones should not be used when the users are driving. Instead, when the user is driving, they can use handsfree or stop their car at a safe place to make a call if it is important. The alternative hands-free cell phone is also far from the best solution and prevention of accident on the road. .Do not text and drive, it is a dangerous act that can put their life at risk. In other hand, the usage of mobile device in the classroom can also bring the benefit for the students to improve their knowledge in the subject that are being teach in the class. The smartphones which come with Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone operating system come with educational apps which can be used while you are in school or college, and it can make a boost in their studies and have a better grades.People need to learn how to protect their privacy life and important information from everyone. The biggest risk to stalking victims is the stalker obtaining the location of a victim from their social networking sites and perpetrating a physical assault or murder. They also need to put a good security tools to avoid the information or important data inside the mobile phone from being abused. Having an alert when the phone is lost and delete all the data is also very important to avoid data abused. Installing an anti spyware and anti virus for their mobile phones is essential to protect their phones from viruses and hackers. While enjoying the convenience and efficiency brought by the cell phone, we often ignore the hazards that it is hidden behind the phone. With the growing popularity of smart phones, false information, mobile phone viruses and other issues are very prominent. Now, there will be a worsening trend. There are indications that the current society on the mobile phone safety consciousness remains to be strengthened. Above all, everyone is using mobile phone on their daily basis.. It will only serve us very well if we make proper and full use of it.
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Nowadays, animal testing has become a serious topic around the world. Animal testing is also known as animal experimentation or animal research. People used animals to test cosmetics and drugs to protect themselves from dangerous consequences. This is because animals such as hamsters are mammals which are biologically similar to humans. However, this behavior is cruel and unethical. Hence, it’s a good idea that animal testing be banned for every country.
Firstly, animal testing should be banned because humans have no rights to harm animals. Every creature in this world is equal. Animals deserve to have healthy shelter, clean water, good food and better treatment same as humans. Most people think that animals are just a dumb beast. They don’t realize that humans were animals too in the past. Thus, there are no reasons for treating animals in such inhumane way.
Secondly, animals have feelings. They experience happiness, sadness, fear and anger just like humans. The only thing that animals differ from humans is they couldn’t talk and express their feelings directly. Moreover, animals feel suffers when undergo procedures during experiment. Sometimes, they even get killed by humans. Therefore, it’s wrong that people test on animals.
It is true that animal testing saved lives and make contribution to medical science. It helps researchers to find out drugs and treatments. Many medical treatments have been made conceivable by animal experimentation. For example, cancer and HIV drugs, vaccines and insulin. But an animal test is unreliable. Drugs that pass animal tests are not necessarily safe. Hence, animal experimentation should be banned to avoid unbearable consequences.
In conclusion, it is definitely good that animal testing be banned. This is because there are many alternative methods available to researches that can replace animal testing. Do not let animals suffer for our own benefits.


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