Nora was a housewife realizes later in her marriage she is nothing more than another trophy of her husbands, such as his other symbols of wealth and status. She also realizes she has no understanding of what she desires, or what it means to be a woman really, or in love, or being her own person, and then decides to find out who she really is, outside of living in a “Doll’s House” as if she were a plastic perfect doll. She has spent her entire making others happy and being what they wanted her to be, and not asking questions or having opinions. It finally catches up with her. Doll’s house is set in late 19th century Norway but the problems it touches were quite widespread in other European countries of the same period. Women are still not emancipated and totally dependent on their husbands. Their aim in life is to take care of their husbands and children. They are more ornaments than human beings.
What makes Nora such an interesting heroine is her breaking out of that cycle, seeing herself as a human being and realizing she must find her own purpose in life. Nora thinks of miracles in terms of what Helmer brings to their marriage. Nora is so eager to please her husband, she is a cliché. She does what she is told, stays submissive and is often taken for granted. When she is in a situation that if she disobeys; her husband gets hurt, she is forcing to change herself for his protection, but he doesn’t appreciate it at all. All the effort she put in and she got nothing in return. He is the source of all power. There were many causes which pushes Nora to leave her husband. When Helmer discovers the secret that Nora kept from him from the letter Krogstad sends to Nora’s husband. Also, she forsakes her husband because she considers herself as a tool in the hand of both her father and her husband, they treated her like a child. She realized that she was not a child and decided to leave.
In summary, According to her view of their marriage. She does all she can to make his life good, but he is the “God” of the marriage. As she gets trapped in her deal with Krogstad, Helmer confronts her with her crime and withdraws his support of her. To Nora, this only emphasizes how Helmer is the source of her failure. It wakes her up. She realizes that she is like a child, she can no longer live like this. She was treated like a child by her father then she’s passed over to her husband and he treats her like a child too. She discovers who she was, all her life she had been a doll, she did not even know what she liked. She finally decides she wants to take control of her life and not be a child anymore and to do this she needs to be by herself. That was a brave thing to do, it’s never too late to be who you might have been


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