live in a noisy world, and much of that noise is made by humans. Traffic, machinery, electronics—it’s a constant barrage of sound. Sound is very important for humans and all Animals to communicate and to discuss different things. but now a days sound is creating Disturbance In the form of Noise pollution. When loudness increases From Its Basic Limit It causes Noise Pollution. Standard unit of sound is decibel (Db) noise pollution is created by human activities such as honking motor vehicle, big big machines are making noise while doing work like digging ground or construction. Loudspeakers are also a major problem for environment. Music Parties, politician assembly, DJ, wedding ceremonies and many more events are using loudspeakers that eventually effects environment. Noise pollution is affecting environment in many ways like -· Affecting a range of animals across multiple habitats.· Animals are changing or migrating from their natural behaviors or relocating to avoid noisy areas.· Noise pollution adversely affect humans beings in many ways and can cause hypertension, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects.· Changes in animal behavior can have flow-on effects for whole ecosystems.· Aquatic animals are also affected by noise pollution from a range of human activities including honking motor vehicles, oil and gas exploration, nuclear explosions, earthquake surveys and military sonar etc.Noise pollution can be solved with the help of science. Science is exploring and inventing new strategies to control maximum on sound pollution and preventing it from reflecting again and again. Some things are designed as to absorb the sound waves so the reflection will be minimum and pollution will be very less. Some innovative ideas are -· Planting more and more trees in an around sound generating sources is an effective solution for noise pollution· Regular servicing and tuning of automobiles can effectively reduce the noise pollution.· Building can be designed with suitable noise absorbing material for the walls, windows and ceilings.The major effect of noise pollution is on environment and on its components. It becomes our moral duty to help in reducing the noise pollution. Our simple acts for the sake of environment can be amplified and noise pollution can reduce to a minimum level. For example, we should blow horn continuously when we are near to hospitals, schools, government offices etc. These or ethics also and in our culture as well to not to disturb others like students, patients etc. The government should take initiative in this regard because day by day noise pollution is increasing and the cases of hypertension, anxiety, headache is common. The government should declare some specific part of the city as “NO HORN ZONE”. Government should also limit the time of loudspeakers, DJ and late night parties where most of the noise is created. So all the political parties should come at front and raise the voice against noise pollution. if the people of a country are not healthy enough physically, mentally and socially they can’t participate in the growth of their country. Hence economy of the country will be affected.Finally, the problem we have created in the form of noise pollution is affecting our environment and its component, economy of the country as well. So, it is our duty to raise voice against it and find alternatives to reduce the pollution.


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